Red Light District in Singapore

The Red Light District in Singapore

Many may ask if prostitution is legal in Singapore and the answer is yes. However, only certain places are licensed to operate such services. The most popular and well-known area would be Geylang Road (Near Kallang MRT) where most brothels will cluster.

The stretch from Geylang Lor 6 towards the end road are filled with hawkers, bright lights, sleazy pubs and of course, beautiful women. Most of the girls are from Thailand, China and Japan. Local Singapore girls can only be found generally in social escort services.

The hotel price rates in Geylang are arguably the cheapest in Singapore, catering to the night life. A simple night-out should cost less than SGD$300.00, unless special services are requested.

Certain areas in Geylang are actually “black” casinos, be sure not to stumble upon them. Gambling in such places will generally lead you to a penniless night. The tables, dices and decks are modified to give the dealer extra advantages.

Apart from Geylang Road, there are plenty of “underground” pubs that provide such services. The Singapore Government does not approve these pubs, but yet little implementations were imposed on them.

Upon entering such pubs, the ladies will request you to pay for their drinks. After that, that is when the hanky-panky starts. You can find these pubs at:

Joo Chiat Road (Vietnamese ladies)
Paramount Centre (Philippine ladies)
Golden Mile Complex (Thai ladies)
Orchard Towers (Mixture of Philippine and other races)

There are many more of these unspoken pubs in Singapore where many foreigners patron. Just ask around in some of the pubs and you will know where to find them.

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