Glastonbury Festival

A Beautiful place to visit….. do you want it?

A wonderful mountain?? An amazing water park? Or an interesting outbound park?

Or do you want all?

We invite you to come to Glastonbury. One of miraculous part in England. Glastonbury is a small town in Somerset, England, situated at a dry point on the low lying Somerset Levels, 23 miles.

During Post-Reformation of England, there was another pile of Papist called Gastonbury Abbey. It was a mystical seat of the British Church and there was a great history behind it. It perhaps less well authenticated than the mission of St Augustine to Canterbury. This place is very suitable for history lover. There was also special story about the water, magical water which had been believed by the citizen because of the legend. The magical of water was very famous and legendary. If you want to know more about it, then don’t hesitate to come.

More than anything, Glastonbury famous with its amazing festival. Other than a mystical centre of historical place, there is most famous festival in the world. The festival is a performing arts takes place near Pilton, Somerset, England, best known for its contemporary music, but also for dance, comedy, theatre, circus, cabaret and other arts. And also for you who want to shop and buy anything, there is special market in Glastonbury. The deep-Somerset market town, they sell wonderful, famous until recently for shoes and sheepskins. And because it’s original from Glastonbury, it’s special because of its legend. The product called “The Mardi Gras of the Mendips”, that entire thing being showed in Illuminated Carnival.

There are so many amazing things in Glastonbury. For the scenery of great mountain, beautiful water park with special character, and the other special spring time waiting for you. Don’t need to say anymore about that reality. It is very important to have great family trip in Glastonbury, make sure you booked comfortable hotel and plan great holiday.

This is lucky for you because the government of England start to develop the tourist resort. They start to repair the historical park, they start give a lot of facility, and make policy related to tourism. They want to increase their economical income from the tourism. There are new places to visit, they start to develop traditional and rare place to become a tourist resort. They promote with all media and gather many people around the world.

Oh I almost forget….. there is new place I really recommended. Do you love to take a bath? Do you want to feel comfortable spending your luxury time in amazing bath room you never imagine.  Glastonbury was very close to Bath. There is most successful spa of all, which in a couple of generations had been transformed from a small Somerset town into a European centre of fashion. When do you want to visit? During spring season? Autumn? The right time is during summer time. But anytime is all right. For conclusion, this facility could be seen as miracle happen for Glastonbury. Don’t be late, there are more people want to visit it, not only the near one but also everywhere.

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