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Indonesian Food in Australia

Culinary business might be the most stable business in market. It is obviously seen that most of countries in the world compete each other and promote their food more to other countries. Indonesia is one of the Asian countries that have got bright future for culinary tourism. Its food has been known all over the world for years. Because of Its variety and characteristic, any tourist would always remember the special taste of Indonesian cuisine. There are 10 Indonesian food that are popular in foreign countries, such as Soto Betawi, Nasi goreng, Nasi kuning, Pecel Lele, Gudeg, Ketoprak, Siomay, Bakso, Sate, Gado-gado. These foods could be found in Australia, because this country is one of the Indonesian culinary targets.

There is no certain reason how our country’s culinary business enters to Australian market. Possibly, Many Australians learn Bahasa Indonesia in their schools. The language might not only bring the culture but also the curiosity of our traditional food. It is also a lot of Indonesian people love travelling, and Australia is one of the countries that Indonesian people love having holiday in. Another reason is today many Indonesian stay in Australia in order to get better education or job. Yet, almost of them could not leave rice behind on breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In other words, the people who learn our language are interested to try the food, and the Indonesian who travel to Australia need rice during travelling. Therefore, these are probably the motivation of Indonesian businessman to open restaurant in Australia.

When you are travelling to Australia, do not be surprise that you will find many traditional cuisines such as PemPek Palembang, Soto Ayam, Ayam Goreng, Mie Kocok Bandung, etc. It is not really difficult to find the dish across the country. There are many Indonesian and Asian restaurant that sell Indonesian traditional dishes in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, etc. For instance, Mie Kocok Bandung on Maroubra Road in Sydney, Warung Agus on Victoria Street in North Melbourne, Tasik Indonesian Restaurant on Aberdeen Street in Perth, and Pondok Bali on Pulteney Street in Adelaide.

The consumers of the food are not only come from Australia or Indonesia, but also many visitors from other countries are fascinated in the visual, smell, and taste of many Indonesian cuisines. Most of the cuisines use many rich spices such as black pepper, turmeric, cayenne pepper, coriander, etc. so the tastes are much stronger than Australian and European dishes. Therefore, many tourists as if they thought that it is sort of a fun food challenge.

The range of people who eat the Indonesian cuisines is picking up each year as well as the growth of tourism business in Australia. The various Indonesian cuisines which are sold massively in Australia could help introducing our culture, providing Indonesian people who are planning having vacation, and for those who are staying in the country. By all means, they could find the food easily in almost every city in Australia. Beyond of doubt the memorable taste of Indonesian food would always be part of great cuisines in Australia.

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