The Cocobay Resort

Where do you want to go?? What do you want to do there??

I want to recommend you most wonderful place in the world. The place where you can do anything. The place where you can feel like you are the king of Antigua. That’s right, it is Cocobay Resort, where the views, the beach, the food, and the angles are perfect.

Cocobay resort is located on Antigua’s western edge, sits on a small bluff overlooking the beach with a splendid vantage point for happy hour sunsets. It has romantic view that can please a couple or a happy family. Cocobay is comprised of 49 charming cottages with wonderful views of the Caribbean Sea. The cottages include indoor/outdoor showers and private decks for sipping your morning coffee or topping off an evening with a nightcap under the stars. You can spend all your spare time here.

Do you want more?? What do you think about amazing beach?

If you want to spend your holiday in the water, want to swim till you tired, want to enjoy sun bathing in front of fantastic views, and then Cocobay is everything you need. Cocobay is blessed with Little Ffreyes Beach. There is a secret in the name of the beach, the two “f’s” stands for doubly fantastic. Little Ffreyes is located on a secluded cove comprised of postcard white sand and sun-splashed turquoise water.

What about the services??

Number one service quality will please you in Cocobay Resort. All of the staffs are cheerful, serve you with a great smile. Daily welcomes from each and every team member is business as usual at this dreamy resort. All of they want to do is to please you and never disappoint anyone. There is sincerity to the grins, the greetings, and the subtle questions if there is anything that can be done to make your stay more relaxing and memory making.

The rainbow of flowers accenting Cocobay’s walkways and landscape is Caribbean nature at its finest. If your favorite kind of white noise is that of ocean waves, then Cocobay’s sound system is like a premium Bose unplugged. The quiet chorus of the resort’s vibrant environment seems to sooth the mind and rejuvenates the spirit.

There are more…..

Never forget to take a great eating time in this resort. Cocobay offers homemade omelets for breakfast, lightly grilled entrees for lunch, and romantic dinners that make this resort as ideal setting for wedding proposals. Dining with a spectacular view is mandatory fare at Cocobay.

So much amazing thing that I can’t explain one by one. All you need to do is take your bag, pack your clothes, and see the new beautiful view by yourself

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