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Kelimutu Mountain, Indonesia

Are you a great hiker? Or are you a traveler who interested in adventuring mountains? If you are both of them, then you should not miss this great mountain in Indonesia, Kelimutu Mountain. This Mountain is located in province of Nusa Tenggara Timur. Kelimutu Mountain is one of the active volcanoes in Indonesia that lies in Pemo Village, Ende Regency, Flores Island. The mountain that has the height of more than 1600 meters is well popular for its three lakes located on its top. The lakes are unique as they came in different colors; red, blue and white. These three lakes are well known as Danau Tiga Warna, which means the three colors lake. However, the three lakes do not appear in the colors of red, blue, and white only, they can also appear in any other colors as the time goes by.

Kelimutu Mountain is the main volcano in Flores Island that is full of uniqueness and splendid views. Besides it has the spectacular beauty of the three lakes of Danau Tiga Warna, the mountain that is also called Kelimutu Tiwu Telu by the local villagers is considered sacred and has received a blessing from the God that gives fertility to the surrounding regions. Moreover, Kelimutu Mountain has also become a national park surrounded by lush forest with many kinds of rare plants such as Kayu Merah and Edelweis, rare fauna such as giant rat and some kinds of birds.

To get to the Kelimutu Mountain, you can take a 2-hour riding by car from Ende to Moni Village. You can use a rented car from there. Most visitors who want to climb Kelimutu stay in Moni Village. Do not worry, there are many hotels built in this village, so you can stay here for a while before continuing your journey to the top of Kelimutu Mountain. If you are a sunrise hunter, then you have to wake up at 4 am in the next morning, to continue climbing to the top of the mountain. Climbing Kelimutu Mountain will not be as hard as climbing Mountain Rinjani in Lombok. However, the cold air will be a challenge for those who love natural sights. Besides that, the distance between the village and the top of the mountain is about 13 km, which will definitely increase the challenge of climbing the mountain. Therefore, make sure you are well prepared with perfect stamina before climbing to the top. At dawn, the amazing beauty of Danau Tiga Warna blends with the spectacular view of the sun rising. The mist and the cold air give another exclusive experience to the tourist arriving at the top of Kelimutu Mountain. It takes some hours until the sun exalts to get a perfect view of the beautiful three lakes of Kelimutu.

Kelimutu is definitely an amazing mountain in Eastern part of Indonesia. The different three colors of Danau Tiga Warna become a special attraction there. Besides that, to support the attraction, the local villagers around Kelimutu have built a number of hotels, handicraft centers, culinary tourism centers, and many other attractive places. If you are a true hiker, visiting Kelimutu Mountain and enjoying the great views of sunrise as well as Danau Tiga Warna are good challenges to accept. Are you brave enough?

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