Thinking of Settling in Australia, Here Are Few Important Things To Know



The cost of living should be the first thing that you should consider. The standard of living in Australia varies from person to person and is also determined by the location that you settle. However, find out the average cost of living and you should get a very good idea if going Down Under is a good choice for you.

It is important for you to know that goods imported into Australia are high-priced. For instance, clothes and cars are more expensive in Australia than in North America and Europe. So prepare to spend more or purchase plenty of clothes from where you are coming. However, if you have to travel by car when in Australia, you spend less on gas than in any of these regions.

The price of food is similar to what is obtainable in the United States. You can easily deduce the price of food from Aussie newspapers like the Australian Outlook. In addition, you can hang out in online forums or groups and ask people who live in Australia about food and other edible items.

If you want to co-habit an apartment with someone, expect to fork out between $400-$600 a month. If you want to live alone, prices start from $800 monthly. When it comes to the cost of utilities like water, gas and electricity, be ready to shell out around $150-$200 a month. How much you spend depends on the size of your house and the number of people you live with.

The minimum wage in Australia is way ahead of its counterpart in the United States. People working Down Under get almost twice of what their American contemporaries earn. The type of industry that you eventually find work also plays a dominant factor in your earnings. It is important to note that immigrants do not earn the same amount as citizens of the country.

If you are a varsity graduate, you can earn over $20,000 a year for starters. If you have notched up some experience under your belt, you can earn up to $600,000 a year. Once you are ready to start work, ensure that you have your tax file number. The tax file number otherwise known as TFN is a 9 digit number that lets you seek work and change jobs when you get a better offer. Furthermore, it allows you claim financial benefits when you are sick, unemployed or indisposed.

The tax file number also allows you enroll for free courses and get concessions on your tax return. It is crucial that you obtain the TFN, if you want to work without stress in Australia. You need your passport with a valid visa to apply for this unique set of numbers. It takes around a fortnight to get your TFN once you apply.

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