Best Places For Mountain Climbing in India

Best Places For Mountain Climbing in India

Best Places For Mountain Climbing in India

Owing to good distribution of great climbing rocks throughout the Himalayas, conquering the mighty Himalayan peaks is the most cherished dream of every mountain climbing enthusiasts. The sight of the unreachable mountains, the stillness of the moaning breeze and the freezing cold weather of the Himalayas simply spellbinds these adventure lovers and make them passionately fall in love with this adventure sport.

Mountain climbing in India has not only turned out to be just another adventure sport but it is also one of the most popular activities for adventure tourism in India. You simply need to acquire the basic skills of mountain climbing and have the right approach before setting out on a peak climbing expedition in India.

India offers you a vital range of mountain climbing opportunities on its challenging peaks. Peaks like the Nun-Kun Massif in Jammu and Kashmir, Spiti and Lahaul in Himachal Pradesh and the sheer straight mountains of Gharwal and Kumaon regions in Uttrakhand, are some of the perfect destinations that must be explored when you are on an adventure trip to India.

The 3200 Km long range of the Himalayas hold the treasures of splendid mountains, peaks and valleys all showcasing their eternal charm. The state of Jammu & Kashmir has some of the most charming snow capped peaks, while the Ladakh region grabs the attention of mountain climbers by being home to some of the high altitude peaks present in India. On a peak climbing expedition in these regions you will get to see flower strewn meadows, river streams with glacier topped mountains and green alpine vales.

Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh (Lahaul, Spiti and the tribal belt of Kinnaur) are two other northern states in India which offers wonderful peaks for peak climbing. If you choose to climb these peaks you will get awed with the beauty and exquisite haunts of these less explored regions.

The north-eastern states of India are also a paradise for mountain climbing in India. The third highest mountain of the world, the Kanchenjunga peak is located here in Sikkim and it is one of the most favorite destinations for mountain climbers set on a peak climbing expedition in India. You can see here captivating sight of high altitude rain forests dotted with spurs and pine trees. Vale Tourism.

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