Holiday in Seoul

What is the first thing on your mind when you hear Korea? Is it business? K-pop? Or Seoul? Now, we will bring you to the lively holiday in Seoul. Seoul is the capital city of South Korea, and one of the most modern cities in the world.  As the Korean Wave and Korean electronic business are getting more acknowledged, the name of Seoul or Korea would appeal visitors around the [...]


Holiday in Melbourne

Indonesia has a lot of neighbors that you can visit and explore, especially if you have plans for a vacation. In general holiday destination is Beijing, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Japan and other Asian countries, but many are choosing a vacation to other continents, namely Europe and the United States such as France, Italy, the United States, Germany and so on. Besides the places mentioned above, is there any other desire [...]


Holiday in Perth

In a sweet time, you have to go to the sweet place. And do you know the sweetest place in the world?? The place wherever you go you can find happiness. The place when you whatever you want to do you can find there. The place you never imagine before.  The Perth region is blessed with great natural attractions alongside which environmentally-sensitive projects such as golf courses, cycle paths, treetop [...]


Holiday in Beijing

It was not unusual if Beijing is always crowded with tourists as well as with the natives. Beijing is a metropolis in China that are always crowded by tourists both local and foreign tourists. Blend of natural scenery, culture, history and the modern make Beijing into a city that suitable for your vacation destination. Beijing as a  metropolis city offers for those who like to shop. Holidays in Beijing is [...]


Holiday in New Delhi

India is one of the country which has the second-largest population in Asia with a diversity of cultures, races and religions. India has the capital New Delhi. New delhi is the seat of the largest liberal democracy in the world. Besides New Delhi is also the third largest metropolis in India. The city of New Delhi is not difficult to explore because it is designed to provide comfort for its [...]


Another visit to Istanbul

Istanbul is one of amazing part in Turkey.  Whether Turkey is officially known as the Republic of Turkey, a fast developing Eurasian country. Turkey is home to a plethora of grand mosques and castles. Turkey Tourist Destinations are many, most of which are internationally famous. Istanbul known as the cultural and financial part of Turkey, Istanbul houses numerous palaces, castles, towers, mosques, synagogues, and churches. The present city of Istanbul [...]


Holiday in Lombok

What do you want to do during your spare time??? How do you make it as a Happy Time. All you need to do is pack your back and go to a beautiful place. And do you know where is the most beautiful place in the world? There is an Island in Indonesia, the heavenly country….. The Island called Lombok. I’ll show you how amazing if you spend your holiday [...]


Where to Find Indonesian Restaurant in Singapore??

If you stay in the other country you’ll miss Indonesia very much. Especially for Indonesian food. There are so many Indonesian people in Singapore, they come for study, for job, or the other purpose. They actually stay for a long time there and start to eat same food as the other people there.  They start to adapt and enjoy the Singapore food but sometimes they miss Indonesian food. Some people [...]


Holiday in Tokyo

What is the first thing that comes out in your mind when you questioned about Japan? Most people would immediately reveal to Tokyo. Tokyo is one of the most congested cities in Japan. Of course it is because Tokyo is the capital city of Japan. In Japan you would be hard pressed to find people fluent in English, so if you want to spend your vacation in Japan at least [...]


Raja Ampat: Secluded Scuba Diver Haven

If you’re a scuba diving lover, there’s a place in Indonesia that’s truly a haven for you. Raja Ampat in West Papua has been known for its diversity of habitats to explore and stunningly beautiful underwater and above water realm. Raja Ampat’s popularity has only been rising since the last couple of years. And its seemingly secluded location that’s a bit tricky to be reached can give a bit of [...]