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Holiday in Bandung

Things to Do in Bandung

One of the famous touristic cities in Indonesia is Bandung. Since the first, Bandung is still being a favorite place for tourists on vacation. In addition to proximity, access to Bandung is easy and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to go to Bandung. The city which famous with Paris Van Java has many interesting places that you need to visit as a reference for your vacation. Let’s check this article about holiday in Bandung.

A lot of things can be done to spend your holiday in Bandung, starting from shopping in outlets center to walking around through Bandung. You can also do other things in Bandung such as nature tourism at Kawah Putih, Tangkuban Perahu Mountain, Zoo, Ciater Hot Spring, Patengan lake, Ganesha Park, Garden City Hall, Taman Makam Pahlawan, Curug Cimahi, Curug Dago, Curug Omas; culinary tourism at Dago Market, Warung bandrek “warban” sekejolan, Dago tea house.

Tourist can also visit tourist places which have fun things such as Kampong Gajah, Arug Jeram Citarum, Gedung Sate, Trans Studio Bandung, and Factory Outlet in Dago, Cihampelas, and Riau Street. For tourists who want to increase their knowledge can visit science and technology of the new city of Puspa Parahyangan, Padepokan Dayang Sumbi, The Post Museum, Monument Bosscha Binocular, Desert of Otto Iskandar Dinata Monument, Geology Museum, and Conference Asia- Afrika Museum. For tourists who want to know the history of Bandung can visit the Kedan Kingdom Sites, Legend of Ciung Wanara Sites, Saung Angklung Udjo, and Braga Street . And for those tourists who love the natural beauty of Bandung can visit Dago hills, Strawberry Garden Parongpong, Alam persawahan padalarang. You can also capture the scenery with hunting nature panoramic photo of Bandung. For you who want camping can visit Bumi Perkemahan Cikole. It is no wonder if on weekend visitors often have destiny of Bandung to congestion occurs particularly in tourist areas.

So that your holiday in Bandung trip fun, please note a few things as follow.

  1. Please check your vehicle before travelling. It is intended to reduce the risk of accidents due to vehicle damage.
  2. Find your destination first. This information includes tourist information’s, operational hours, ticket price, etc.
  3. Bring personal medicines and supplies as needed. It is intended that you can get first aid in case of something dangerous.

Holiday in Bandung is not only fun but also provide a lot of knowledge. Wherever you go in Bandung, prioritizing your health and safety. Hope the information above helpful and happy holiday in Bandung.

Trans Studio Bandung

Bandung Top Attraction

Bandung flower city known as Paris van Java also. Bandung always becomes one of city that many people visited when long weekend or holidays coming. This city offered many things that makes people love Bandung and want to come to Bandung again and again. Bandung have beautiful views, a lot of factory outlet and culinary, and attractions. Talking about attractions, Bandung has a lot of attractions, you can choose the attractions you want to visit, nature, museum, amusement or theme parks, architectural buildings and many more. There are two recommended Bandung attractions, ‘Saung Angklung Udjo’ and ‘Trans Studio Bandung’.

First, Saung Angklung Udjo. This is one of the famous Bandung attractions, located in Padasuka 118, Bandung. Founded by Udjo Ngalagena and his wife Uum Sumiati in 1966 to preserve Sundanese culture. Saung Angklung Udjo is one-stop workshop that consist of performance venue, bamboo handicraft centre, and bamboo workshop. Saung Angklung Udjo (SAU) illustrates nature and culture in harmony, so no wonder many people comes to this place to learn Sundanese culture as a part of world heritage. Saung Angklung Udjo become the bamboo-based musical instrument maker in Indonesia through their existence in 45 years. If you want to learning Sundanese culture such as, Angklung and Arumba, Traditional dance, Pencak Silat, Karawitan, Wayang, even MC you can join Udjo School. Besides that, this place also has SAU Art and Culture Sponsorship for local neighborhood community. SAU has two performances, internal and external. One of the show is Afternoon Bamboo Show, SAU present Wayang Golek demonstration, Helaran procession, Traditional Dances and Angklung for beginner, Angklung orchestra, Angklung interactive to Arumba. The visitors and children can dance together at the end of the show. For more information you can visit the website

Second Bandung attraction is Trans Studio Bandung. Trans Studio Bandung is a second indoor theme park after Makasar that TransCorp built and located in Gatot Subroto 289, Bandung. This indoor theme park is one of the biggest in the world. This theme park provides 20 interesting rides and divided into 3 unique zones, those are Studio Central, Lost City, and Magic Corner. First zone is Studio Central, there are 10 rides in this zone and the best ride is ‘Yamaha Racing Coaster’. This rolling coaster is the fastest in the world with sensational backward movement maneuver. You will race to 50 meter height in the acceleration of 120 km / hour in the first 3.5 first second and going backward with the same speed and finally stop on where you start because of LIM (LINEAR INDUCTION MOTOR) technology. This ride is the only one outdoor ride, people can see this ride and hear the scream when they are going to enter this theme park. Second zone is Lost City, there are 5 rides, prepare yourself for an amazing adventure. You should try ‘The Adventure’, you will drop from the fall with 13 meter height. The last zone is Magic corner, this place full of magical adventure. One of the ride in this zone is ‘Land of The Giant’, this ride have a special effect and multimedia technology and you will drop from the 5th floor by giant. The ticket price is Rp 150.000 (Monday to Friday) and Rp 200.000 (Saturday, Sunday/Holiday).

Those are some interesting Bandung attractions. Enjoy your holiday in Bandung. Happy Holiday!

Savoy Homann Bidakara

Best Hotels in Bandung

Bandung is the capital of West Java Province, known as Paris Van Java. Bandung it’s also famous for the culinary and factory outlet. Many people want to visit Bandung to see the beautiful Bandung, fresh air, visits places of recreation with family, tasting Bandung culinary and shopping at factory outlet also. There a lot of choice of places that Bandung offered. Many people want to come back to Bandung. Bandung always become a destination to spend the holiday especially in the long weekend is come or during another holidays. Holiday in Bandung will be better if you have relatives who live in Bandung because that will decrease your cost of holiday. However, what if you don’t have relatives who live in Bandung? Then you can stay in Hotel. Bandung offered many hotels also. So which the best hotels in Bandung? Some of them are the best 5 Hotels in Bandung, there are Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers, Grand Hotel Preanger, Savoy Homann Bidakara, Holiday Inn Bandung and Hotel Grand Aquila.

Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers, is an exclusive 5-stars hotel in Bandung which located on Ir. H. Juanda 390 street. Only took a few minutes from the central of business and shopping and airport also. This hotel has a stunning landscape due to its located on Dago high hills. Sheraton Bandung Hotel has 154 rooms, this hotel offered many facilities whether for business or entertainment also.

Grand Hotel Preanger, located on Asia Afrika 81 street. This hotel has 187 pleasant rooms, the best restaurant and bar, and another facilities. For them who visit for business, Grand Preanger is the best choice to held a meetings due to the location which on the central of commercial district of Bandung.

Savoy Homann Bidakara, located on Asia Afrika 112 street. Combining tropical and elegance atmosphere. This hotel has a unique combination of elegance and tropical deco style blended with today’s standards of luxury and amenities that provide comfort and aesthetics.

Holiday Inn Bandung, located on Ir. H. Juanda 33 street, very strategic because near from central city. This hotel has 186 rooms which decorated charmingly to be remembered. Sheraton is characterized by a combination of modern comfort and traditional element of Bandung, making it a distinct accommodation.

Hotel Grand Aquila, located on Dr. Djunjunan street. Sheraton hotel has 218 rooms with different type, there are Diamond suite, Golden suite, Executive suite, Junior suite and Family room.

That’s the best 5 hotels in Bandung recommended for you to spend your holiday in Bandung. Enjoy the holiday.

Top 10 Places In Bandung

Bandung, the beautiful city of flowers is also known as the Paris of Java. It is situated at an altitude of 768 meters above sea level and is surrounded by volcanic mountains. There are quite a few must-see places in Bandung and tourists can stay at one of the many Bandung hotels and explore these places.

1. Tangkuban Perahu: Just 25 km away from Bandung is the most beautiful volcano Tangkuban Perahu meaning the upturning of a boat. The place has many things to explore. One can trek down through the craters, and in one of the crater called Domas crater there are many hot geysers. Legend says that Sangkuriang once built a huge boat in a night as task given to him by Dayang Sumbi. Seeing Sangkuriang completing his task before time, Dayang Sumbi spread her red silk cloth to east of the city giving an illusion of dawn. Angered by his own failure Sangkuriang kicked the boat so hard that it turned upside down and since then it is like that.

2. Kawah Putih, meaning the white crater, is situated on the top of Mt. Patuha. Though it is called the white crater, the colour of the crater keeps on changing from light green to white and even yellow. The place looks really nice in mist.

3. Pasar Baru Trade Center is one of the iconic market places Bandung. With seven floors and two basements to shop, this place has an extensive range of things to choose from, and it is heaven for those looking for a magnificent shopping experience.

4. Ciater Hot Spring is a beautiful small park with a hot water pool where one can relax and swim. The pool gets warm water from hot water streams which are full of minerals. It is said that taking a bath in this pool heals many skin problems and rheumatism. The park also has tennis courts, restaurants and camping area.

5. Villa Isola: One of the popular art-deco buildings of Bandung, Villa Isola was built in 1933 by Dutch architect Charles Prosper Wolff Schoemaker for an Italian millionaire D.W. Berretty. It was later converted into a hotel and presently it is Indonesia University of Education’s headmastership building.

6. Gedung Sate is a wonderful example of western architecture merging with native architecture. The building is nick-named as Kebab building with reference to the building’s flag pole. The Gedung Building is one of the biggest buildings of Bandung and was built by a Dutch architect J.Gerber in year 1922. Presently it serves as the Governor’s building.

7. Paris Van Java Mall: This shopper’s paradise is centrally located and is equipped with all the modern amenities. This is a perfect mall where one can find anything from cloths to accessories, from food corners to movie theatres.

8. Museum of The Asian-African Conference is also called the Merdeka Building and is another example of art-deco building. The building was originally built as a dance and entertainment venue for social gatherings and in 1955 it hosted the first Asian- African conference. After 25 years of the conference in March 1980, this building was inaugurated as the museum of the Asian- African Conference.

9. Kampung Gajah in English means ‘elephant village’, though ironically one cannot find an elephant anywhere near. This is a nice entertainment park with lots of fun activities to do and wonderful restaurants to satisfy the taste buds.

10. Tiga Warna: One of the small but marvelous examples of art-deco building, Tiga Warna was built in 1938. With enough space and stylish curves this place is a must v for all the art and architecture lovers.

With so many places to visit, Bandung is a perfect holiday destination, and tourists can stay at any of the hotels in Bandung to enjoy a memorable holiday.

Cihampelas, Shopping paradise in Bandung. Remember to Ask for cheap price.

Budget Holiday in Bandung, Top tips you need know.

You might already heard about Bandung. The city has already become one of Indonesia top destination for holiday. Located in the west part of Java, it only takes 2 short hours to get to the city from Jakarta.

For budget travelers, Bandung offers an affordable holiday. Forget about travel agents offering expensive travel packages to Bandung. Here are some important for you to know for your budget holiday in Bandung.

Public Transportation = More Adventures
Every hour there are shuttle services departed from Jakarta to Bandung vise versa. It only cost around $7 per trip for this shuttle services. Also when you’re traveling within Bandung, public transportation in the city can get to almost every attraction easily.

Book your hotel in Bandung early
Booking your hotel earlier can save you extra cash. Most of the hotels has different price for weekend and holiday.

Sidewalk Restaurants
The truth is you don’t need to always go to fancy restaurants to taste awesomely delicious food. Sidewalk restaurant is something that you really need to try in Bandung. Some of them are actually sell delicious food in a lees expensive prices.

Ask for cheaper prices
Since the top attraction in Bandung is shopping. It’s important for you to know that most of the time you can get cheaper prices for stuff you want. Learn to bargain, ask the seller to lower their prices.

The you go, some of top tips for budget holiday in Bandung. Plan your holiday now, book your hotel, and enjoy!