What to See on Your Holidays in North Korea

A country that is so deeply rooted in history is a place that all of us want to visit at some point during our lives. North Korea, the other name for Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, is situated in East Asia and its capital is Pyongyang. South Korea, which has been separated from North Korea by the Demilitarized zone, is a country formed post the World War II. The closest [...]


Attraction in North Korea that You Have to See

When you visit to North Korea, of course you will know about Attraction in North Korea. North Korea has two important cities, which are Haeju and Kaesong. Haeju is a port city that mostly popular with its beautiful mountain and beaches. Kaesong is capital of Kyoto Dynasty. It has some historic ruins, bridges, temples, tombs, and great museums. Of course, when you arrive at the North Korea, you have to [...]


The Most Popular Places in North Korea

When you plan to have holiday in North Korea, of course you will also plan about the places or tourism objects that will be visited. If you still never go to North Korea before, of course you will look for information about interested Places to visit in North Korea that you have to visit when you arrive at North Korea. The first place is Myohyang-san. It is one of the [...]


The Best Hotels to Stay in North Korea

If today you are planning to visit North Korea to spend your holiday, of course you will look for the best place to stay during you in the North Korea. Looking for hotel will be the most recommended place for you to stay there. Hotel offer facilities that you need when you stay such as place to rest, bar, restaurant, and many more. When you are choosing a hotel, you [...]


Hyesan, the Place to Visit in North Korea

This really is a frontier city that lies around the Ryanggang province of North Korea. Hyesan is often a transportation and commercial hub, not to mention the administrative hub of Ryanggang Province. A single can arrive at Hyesan from other North Korean cities by railway. The city is property to some range of paper, lumber and textile mills, although business in latest many years have gone down, resulting to a [...]


Introducing North Korea

Redefining the term rogue state through its isolationism, controversial nuclear weapons programs and missile testing, North Korea is probably the most mysterious country in the world today and one almost entirely untouched by tourism. Off the beaten path seems too slight a term for a nation that admits fewer than 2000 Westerners a year, and whose overwhelming attraction is its isolation and backwardness. The capital, Pyongyang, has a few sites [...]


Korean Cuisine

It is probably true that Korean cuisine is the least well known of the Far Eastern cooking styles, featuring heavily the use of garlic chillies and fermented bean pastes. Korea is a small peninsular attached to the eastern coast of China and separated from Japan by the Sea of Japan. Many Koreans are of Mongol descent, while both China and Japan have ruled Korea (now divided into North and South) [...]


North Korea - Vacation in a Secret State (Part 2)

I should probably re-emphasize the importance of getting along with the guides and going along with what they say, even if it seems relatively far-fetched. A few people seemed to be asking questions with the sole purpose of making the tour guides feel uncomfortable, and even some going right up to people and taking photos of them without asking permission. This just meant the guide got into trouble (who is [...]


Tempting Staple Food in North Korea

Rice, cake, noodles, porridge and battercake are staple food in the Korean diet. Today, I will give you more details about the staple food in the North Korea and let you have a further understanding of these foods. Usually, rice in the North Korea can be made of millet, rice, naked barley, yellow rice and sorghum rice. Cake is the main food for Korean to celebrate festivals and entertain guests. [...]


Backpacking Information on North Korea

NORTH KOREA – Population: 22.9 million (UN, 2005) – Capital: Pyongyang – Area: 122,762 sq km (47,399 sq miles) – Major language: Korean – Major religions: Mainly atheist or non-religious, traditional beliefs – Life expectancy: 60 years (men), 66 years (women) (UN) – Monetary unit: 1 won = 100 chon