Shopping Holiday in Singapore

Welcome to Singapore! A busy country which has become one of the most chosen countries for travelling destination across the globe. What crossed your mind when you hear about Singapore? Marina Bay, Sentosa Island, or Universal Studios? You name it. Does shopping mall in Singapore in your list of destination? Holiday to Singapore without get yourself into a full day shopping, you haven’t get the real holiday. You can find [...]


Mosque in Singapore

The multi ethnic country which has a modern infrastructure. That is Singapore. The top attractions such as Marina Bay, Sentosa Island, Universal Studios, Singapore Zoo Animal, and any other places can be places that worth to visit when you come to Singapore. It is so much to do if you spend your holiday in Singapore. Singapore is a multi ethnic country. That is why Singapore is also considered as a [...]


The Red Light District in Singapore

Many may ask if prostitution is legal in Singapore and the answer is yes. However, only certain places are licensed to operate such services. The most popular and well-known area would be Geylang Road (Near Kallang MRT) where most brothels will cluster. The stretch from Geylang Lor 6 towards the end road are filled with hawkers, bright lights, sleazy pubs and of course, beautiful women. Most of the girls are [...]


Where to Find Indonesian Restaurant in Singapore??

If you stay in the other country you’ll miss Indonesia very much. Especially for Indonesian food. There are so many Indonesian people in Singapore, they come for study, for job, or the other purpose. They actually stay for a long time there and start to eat same food as the other people there.  They start to adapt and enjoy the Singapore food but sometimes they miss Indonesian food. Some people [...]


Recommended Hostel Visiting Singapore

Singapore is the near foreign country where you could plan your holiday alone, with your family or some mates without spending too much money for the transportation, or for those who want to continue study abroad, and for some people who decide to take a new working environment in foreign country. One of necessary things in realising these plans is choosing the appropriate hostel based upon your budget and place [...]


Marina Bay Sands: The Icon of Singapore

Singapore has always been known for its variety of metropolitan activities to enjoy and culinary adventure that is accessible for those who are aiming to leisure themselves in luxury or those whose budget is a bit tight. However, the newest icon of Singapore that has become a landmark as much as Singapore’s Merlion is made perfectly for you who want to treat yourself with luxurious accommodation and warm hospitality: Marina [...]


Budget Hotels in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most popular countries for tourists from around the world. Small country at the tip of the Malacca peninsula is a magnet for thousands of tourists who come here every year. Many interesting things you can enjoy, feel, and watch in this small country. There are various entertainment choices of, shopping, and culinary locations you can visit. No need to worry if your budget is limited. [...]


The Most Expensive Cities of the World

If you plan to go on a holiday, making sure that the place you are visiting is within your budget is a very important aspect. This is a list of some of the most expensive cities of the world. So before you head for a tour of any of the following places, make sure you have enough money. Sydney. The cost of living in Sydney is ever increasing. However, tourism [...]


Explore Little India in Singapore in Half Day

Singapore, one of Asia’s most exciting cities, is famous for its multicultural spirit and ethnic diversity, but this has not always been the case… In its early days, the British colonial authorities enforced a policy of ethnic segregation, which resulted in the creation of the city’s ethnic quarters. The segregation has long been forgotten and the historic quarters have become some of the city’s most popular tourist destinations. This article [...]


Best Hotels in Singapore

In our daily life, there are many kinds of duty that we have to be able to accomplish. There are so many kinds of activities that we have to do to be capable of living this life in norm. There are also many kinds of thing that we have to do as our duty such as studying and working. For the children, they need to go to school to study [...]