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Move to Manly, Sydney - New South Wales, Australia

Move to Manly, Sydney – New South Wales, Australia

Move to Manly, Sydney – New South Wales, Australia

Manly is North Sydney’s most famous for beaches. A popular slogan for the suburb is ‘seven miles from Sydney, a thousand miles from care’ Named after the ‘manly’ gestures of the local indigenous Kay-ye-my clan, the suburb was developed by Europeans in the mid 19th century, and promoted to prospective migrants as ‘the Brighton of the South Pacific’. Manly is now a suburb with high rises dotted along the waterfronts and commercial activity centred on the Corso Plaza. As a resort suburb, the Manly economy is based on tourism and related services. The area’s function as a resort has also meant that, from the 1920s on, around half of Manly’s population has been temporary or semi- permanent.

Property value in Manly is amongst the highest in Australia- high even compared to other Sydney suburbs. The Median house price in Manly is $1,960,000 according to figures from May 2010, the price for a unit, just under a million.

Surfing culture is strong in Manly, with international surfing tournaments held there often. Kayaking, Sailing, Yachting, Beach Volleyball, and Biking are all popular sports in the suburb. Rugby League is represented in Manly by their famous team the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles.

Parents of gifted children might like to secure them a place at the Manly Selective campus- part of the Northern beaches Secondary College (you do need permanent resident status to apply for the selective schools). The Makellar Girls Campus of Northern Beaches also has an excellent reputation. Other schools in the area include the Manly Vale and Manly Village Public Schools and the Stella Maris Catholic Girls High School. Vale Tourism.


Thinking of Settling in Australia, Here Are Few Important Things To Know



The cost of living should be the first thing that you should consider. The standard of living in Australia varies from person to person and is also determined by the location that you settle. However, find out the average cost of living and you should get a very good idea if going Down Under is a good choice for you.

It is important for you to know that goods imported into Australia are high-priced. For instance, clothes and cars are more expensive in Australia than in North America and Europe. So prepare to spend more or purchase plenty of clothes from where you are coming. However, if you have to travel by car when in Australia, you spend less on gas than in any of these regions.

The price of food is similar to what is obtainable in the United States. You can easily deduce the price of food from Aussie newspapers like the Australian Outlook. In addition, you can hang out in online forums or groups and ask people who live in Australia about food and other edible items. Continue reading

Are you planning to spend your next holiday in Fiji? You should consider coming to one of the beautiful natural attraction in Fiji scattered throughout the island. There are places such unique natural caves, rivers and valleys are perfect for observing the wonderful diversity of nature. To have a trip to Fiji must be unforgettable.

Do not worry for the accommodation, because you can get many Inns or hotels in Fiji, ranging from five-star hotels to the cheaper one, it can be fit according to the money you have. There are some attractions in Fiji you should not miss. Do you want an exciting trip in Fiji without all the hassles of spending money? A holiday in Fiji is the perfect choice for people who are interested in romance or natural beauty. When you are considering a vacation, you should order yourself a special romantic getaway packages offered by luxury hotels in this island.

There are some ideal places for your holiday destination. Navini Island is one of the smallest of the resort island of Fiji Islands and is a private resort where you will have a casual. Ideally, near the international airport and is therefore a popular choice for any traveler looking for a few days of relaxation. Enjoy Cultural Tourism; there are exotic attractions in Fiji. Anyone who came to the Fiji Islands for a tropical getaway not only have the opportunity to explore some of the largest lagoons with a beautiful blue water and incredible reef, but also can discover a region rich in history and culture. When you’re on holiday in Fiji, you need to check out some holiday destination about culture if you want to get an idea of the tradition here. Among the most interesting traditions that you should not miss during your stay in Fiji is to create original dance that is usually performed by local people wearing leis and grass skirts. Fiji Suva Fiji National Museum is located in the park and here you can admire the archaeological. Outstanding collection dates back thousands of islands Fiji also world renowned for their spectacular caves, some of them are considered sacred, like Naihere holy cave, which is respected by regions and even by tourists.

Finding hotels in Fiji for your holiday is not difficult. Fiji Islands are one of the best exotic places in the world and each year many people come here usually to enjoy a beach vacation. Fiji hotel has facilities that can offer satisfaction for all tourists. Four star hotels in Fiji or a five-star resort located on smooth, everyone can enjoy the fantastic sensation of relaxation and great freedom. Attraction in Fiji must be great. It offers attractive deals such as all-inclusive vacation packages, as it is rather difficult to find a restaurant in the hotel recommended. Some of you can choose to spend your holiday in Fiji Sheraton Fiji Resort, Sofitel Fiji Resort, Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Tokoriki Island Resort. All offers fully furnished accommodation, meals, transfers from and to the airport and a private beach for a great holiday activity

travel to tasmania

Travel to Tasmania

When I was a child there was a famous cartoon character from Looney Tunes cartoons called Taz, the Tasmanian devil. At the beginning I thought it was only an imaginary animal, but I was wrong because the Tasmanian devil is a ferocious marsupial only native to the island state of Tasmania, Australia. It is a carnivorous animal that is about the same size as a pit bull. Let’s us travel to Tasmania!

Tasmania is the largest of Australia’s islands, located 200 kilometers south of Victoria (south east Australia), and is separated by a body of water called the Bass Strait. Tasmania has some amazing wild life like the Tasmanian wolf also knows as the Tasmanian tiger, is one of many fascinating and rare animals that were or are native to the state. Some people believe that the Tasmanian tiger or wolf is still alive and living in the wilds of Tasmania even though it was officially declared extinct in 1936. Another amazing creature is the Tasmanian kangaroo and a number of different types of wallabies are some of the most common types of Australian marsupials found in the state. Tasmania also has an abundant supply of amazing birdlife and many other Australian mammals and marsupials. You just can’t wait to travel to Tasmania, are you?

For the adventure freaks, the island of Tasmania has wilderness that is world renowned for its ancient forests and remote mountains and rivers like the stunning Cradle Mountain. Cradle Mountain is known for its rugged peaks that form the appearance of a “cradle” between them. The mountain is situated in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park and is part of the awe-inspiring scenery that is found in this part of Tasmania. Crystal clear, glassy volcanic lakes set amongst ancient rainforests and alpine heartlands make this one truly unique place in the Australian wilderness. Days can be spent hiking on a multitude tracks for all levels of experience in this awesome landscape.

Some of the best Tasmania wilderness areas also include the Gordon and Franklin rivers, situated on the western coast of Tasmania. They are part of the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park which was made a world heritage area in 1982. This area is often described as some of the most remote and rugged country in the Australian wilderness. It has a rich history with numerous Aboriginal sites and one of Australia’s harshest convict settlements located here.

Tasmania’s small enough to get around easily but big enough to be filled with a million reasons to travel to Tasmania. The forests are greener than envy, the beaches bluer than blue and the mountain areas so wild and untamed you’d think you were in some surreal nature movie.  The coastlines are like nothing you’ve ever seen before and the rivers and waterways are just waiting to be swum in, dived into, ridden on and fished silly. Yes, we do love Tasmania and we believe you will love it too!

holiday in new south wales

Holiday in New South Wales

New South Wales lies on the east coast of Australia. The regions within three hours’ drive from Sydney offer a world of astonishing natural attractions stunning wine regions in the Hunter Valley and Southern Highlands. The State capital, Sydney, is Australia’s premier gateway and the largest city in Australia. Well serviced by flights from across the world, these regions also have a network of regional airlines, trains, buses and coach services making it easy to get around. It means it has a friendly transportation for foreign tourist who would like to have a holiday in New South Wales.

New South Wales indeed is rich in natural heritage. It is possible to experience almost every kind of environment that Australia offers, without leaving these regions. The state’s diverse areas of natural beauty range from off-shore islands and marine parks to rainforests and deserts.  Sydney’s spectacular harbor, beaches, national parks and climate are an intrinsic part of the city’s charm. Without these it would be just a common holiday in Australia.

The regions also have beaches on the Central Coast, and around Wollongong; the World Heritage national parks in the Blue Mountains as well as the Barrington Tops; last but not least, the spectacular coastal and country scenery. If you are crazy about the outdoor sports like hiking for example please visit the Snowy Mountains available for summer and winter. Or perhaps you just want to relax and enjoy the view, New South Wales also offering you the beautiful and unique Lord Howe Island, which is also a World Heritage listed island paradise. Welcome to the amazing earth and enjoy your holiday in New South Wales!

You could also enjoy the view the country, with it rich agricultural lands and western plains; as well as the food and wines trails, and touring routes around the beautiful of natural landscapes.  New South Wales has some of the most fertile land in Australia, producing crops ranging from wheat and rice to oranges, beef, many varieties of grapes, nuts, coffee and exotic fruit. Seasonal, fresh-picked food can be found at farmers’ markets, restaurants and produce shops sprinkled throughout the region.

Meanwhile in the outback of New South Wales, is has a mix of vast national parks; quirky towns, an art scene, rich and lasting Aboriginal heritage. In the North Coast, there’s a surf culture includes great surf beaches. The State’s coastline stretches 1590km with a grand total of 892 beaches including Sydney’s famed harbor and ocean beaches and seven of Australia’s National Surfing Reserves. World-famous surf breaks attract keen surfers from around the globe but there are also plenty of beaches where you can learn to surf with an accredited surf school.

Next to the South Coast, you could have a collection of stunning natural treasures like more than 30 national parks, marine parks and reserves. And you’ll find there are plenty of ways to explore these beautiful environments. Enjoy your holiday in New South Wales, mate!

Warung Agus

Indonesian Food in Australia

Culinary business might be the most stable business in market. It is obviously seen that most of countries in the world compete each other and promote their food more to other countries. Indonesia is one of the Asian countries that have got bright future for culinary tourism. Its food has been known all over the world for years. Because of Its variety and characteristic, any tourist would always remember the special taste of Indonesian cuisine. There are 10 Indonesian food that are popular in foreign countries, such as Soto Betawi, Nasi goreng, Nasi kuning, Pecel Lele, Gudeg, Ketoprak, Siomay, Bakso, Sate, Gado-gado. These foods could be found in Australia, because this country is one of the Indonesian culinary targets.

There is no certain reason how our country’s culinary business enters to Australian market. Possibly, Many Australians learn Bahasa Indonesia in their schools. The language might not only bring the culture but also the curiosity of our traditional food. It is also a lot of Indonesian people love travelling, and Australia is one of the countries that Indonesian people love having holiday in. Another reason is today many Indonesian stay in Australia in order to get better education or job. Yet, almost of them could not leave rice behind on breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In other words, the people who learn our language are interested to try the food, and the Indonesian who travel to Australia need rice during travelling. Therefore, these are probably the motivation of Indonesian businessman to open restaurant in Australia.

When you are travelling to Australia, do not be surprise that you will find many traditional cuisines such as PemPek Palembang, Soto Ayam, Ayam Goreng, Mie Kocok Bandung, etc. It is not really difficult to find the dish across the country. There are many Indonesian and Asian restaurant that sell Indonesian traditional dishes in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, etc. For instance, Mie Kocok Bandung on Maroubra Road in Sydney, Warung Agus on Victoria Street in North Melbourne, Tasik Indonesian Restaurant on Aberdeen Street in Perth, and Pondok Bali on Pulteney Street in Adelaide.

The consumers of the food are not only come from Australia or Indonesia, but also many visitors from other countries are fascinated in the visual, smell, and taste of many Indonesian cuisines. Most of the cuisines use many rich spices such as black pepper, turmeric, cayenne pepper, coriander, etc. so the tastes are much stronger than Australian and European dishes. Therefore, many tourists as if they thought that it is sort of a fun food challenge.

The range of people who eat the Indonesian cuisines is picking up each year as well as the growth of tourism business in Australia. The various Indonesian cuisines which are sold massively in Australia could help introducing our culture, providing Indonesian people who are planning having vacation, and for those who are staying in the country. By all means, they could find the food easily in almost every city in Australia. Beyond of doubt the memorable taste of Indonesian food would always be part of great cuisines in Australia.

Downtown Melbourne

Holiday in Melbourne

Indonesia has a lot of neighbors that you can visit and explore, especially if you have plans for a vacation. In general holiday destination is Beijing, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Japan and other Asian countries, but many are choosing a vacation to other continents, namely Europe and the United States such as France, Italy, the United States, Germany and so on. Besides the places mentioned above, is there any other desire destination to spend your vacation time? Where it can be recommended to you who want a holiday is Melbourne.

Melbourne is in the Australian area. City of Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia after Sydney. This town seems so green and so-called garden city for almost any place there is always a park.

Soverign Hill, Ballarat is one vacation destination in Melbourne that is a pity if you passed it because it is a city that re-renovated to become a tourist attraction which brings you into the past. The city is a gold producer in Australia from mid 1800. If you passed over the houses and shops in the old dirt road, you’ll see people dressed in 19th-century model and a horse carriage. In addition you can also learn some customs and traditions in there as follow school lessons of that era such as learning to write with a dip pen and see how the old-fashioned steam engine. You can also feel the panning for gold in the river, playing bowling until you saw the camp of old Chinese immigrant. You can also enjoy the fudge and lollipops that are sold in a candy store on Main Street.

If you want to shop and buy souvenirs in Melbourne, Bourke City can be your solution. Bourke City has two large department stores, Myer and David Jones. Interesting things that you can find on Bourke City is a street musician playing various types of music genres ranging from Jazz to Spanish Guitar. These singers oddly did not ask for a dime or reward in money, but they offer a CD album.

If you go on vacation to Melbourne in October to November, you will see a combination of agricultural festivals, art and commerce. There are several animal contests held on the festival is like a shepherd dog contest, sheep contest, and cat contest races. You can also buy trinkets that are sold at festival booths.

Other entertainment that you can see other than the Melbourne festival theater. Theatre is one alternative if you want to fill your vacation time in the evening. Presented in the form of musical theater and opera. Musical performances are more casual than the opera performances. You can be the ticket reservation along the Regent Theatre or Princess Theatre.

After traveling to entertainment places, if you want to try a holiday in Melbourne with the natural environment you can be visiting the Healesville Sanctuary and Melbourne Zoo. Australia is famous for its koala and kangaroo animal as a mascot, this is where you can see firsthand even shook hands with both Australian mascot. Melbourne zoo provides animals that are left idle. However, you should not feed the animals at the zoo because the animals have their own diet.

In addition, there are many fun places that can be used as vacation destinations in Melbourne. You will not be difficult to find a restaurant and hotel after or while on vacation.

Holiday in Perth

Holiday in Perth

In a sweet time, you have to go to the sweet place. And do you know the sweetest place in the world?? The place wherever you go you can find happiness. The place when you whatever you want to do you can find there. The place you never imagine before.  The Perth region is blessed with great natural attractions alongside which environmentally-sensitive projects such as golf courses, cycle paths, treetop walks and bush land tracks has created a wonderland for those whose holiday wish list is a desire to capture the very essence of a destination.

First, if you want to go to beautiful natural place, you can find it in Perth Vineyards Holiday. You just need to be very close to the airport, major motor home and car hire depots, you will appreciate and amazed starting or finishing your travels of Western Australia at the park. When arriving from the north or east by road, Perth Vineyards Holiday Park should be your first stop and a great base from which to explore the magnificent city of Perth and its surrounds.

You don’t have to worry about anything. Just take a few days to relax and taste your way through the region with wineries, breweries, cafés and a decadent chocolate factory. It will help you to get more interesting holiday. You can delight your tongue just by taste it.

If you want something more challenging, you can also find it here. Other activities include river cruises, horse riding, walking trails, vineyards, Caversham Wildlife Park, 3 golf courses and historical Guildford and Midland. Your holiday with family will be very delighting.

If you want something more natural, you can also find here. There are Cabins, chalets; powered caravan sites and camping facilities scatter the beautifully landscaped grounds, complementing the many surrounding vineyards. Guests have full use of facilities including a swimming pool, games room, TV room, central barbecue and a children’s playground.

Do you still need more different things?

Perth is a city doesn’t have to be big to be grand. A city’s personality is created as much by its people as its highly acclaimed architecture. There are more smiles and more happiness. The smile from a friendly face passing on the sidewalk; the courtesy of a CAT hop-on, hop-off bus driver; the genuine friendliness of the street corner coffee seller; the service at an out-of-town country store.

All about Perth is all about travelling. Overlay the warmth of the people on a vibrant city that is creating a reputation for food, fashion and high-profile events, and what you have is a destination that begs to be discovered. Except the natural place that I’ve been show you before, there still more interesting modern places.

If you have more time, you can stay longer to experience the facilities and modern technology development in some tourist resort. 2012 Public Holiday in some dates in Perth is Perth and the rest of Western Australia is date for family, sport, travel, etc. Government agencies and most Perth businesses close on Public holidays. But don’t worry, essential services, Perth hotels and other Perth tourism business still function during public holidays.

Perth Zoo

Attractions in Perth

Representing the sophisticated and scenic area of Western Australia, Perth is located on the banks on the Swan River. The gold rush period during the late 1800′s and early 1900′s brought thousands of people to the region led to a massive boost in the local population, with the following mining boom in the 1960′s having the same effect.

Perth is now one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations, with a city that is characterised with a compact central area, large tracts of parks and green areas as well as a sophisticated network of waterways. With a wide array of quality bed and breakfast accommodation available in Perth, they provide the perfect place to experience the city up close and personally. The superior level of service often found at bed and breakfast establishments, especially when compared with chain motels and hotels, is often the difference from a good holiday and a great one. Continue reading

Eurotrash Bar

The Best Bars In Melbourne

Eurotrash Bar

Eurotrash Bar

As the cab driver dropped our small group of stumbling sass arses into a small dingy lane off Little Bourke Street, my drunkard self mumbled the words “Eurotrash”, and I began to wonder whether Cabbie Clive had made a wrong turn at the fault of my sloppy speech. I could smell two day old Souvlaki coming from one of the dozen dumpsters to the end of the lane, “not European trash! I hate Souvlaki! Euro trash!” my drowning inner monologue argued. Luckily enough, a more experienced friend led me to the small doorway of Melbourne CBD’s Eurotrash. In that instant I was saved endless embarrassment from the group of hipsters sitting just a few tubs of rotten Tzatziki away. Sahhh embarrassing.

Upon entrance, Melbourne city’s Eurotrash presents itself as the opposite of what the name suggests. Judging from the title, my past self had told me to have a few drinks before arriving (in order to coax myself into a false sense of security among what I has assumed would be a night of muzztech techno rabble). Instead I was met by an underground style bar playing eclectic indie beats with a mish mash of messy interior decorating to match. Then there were the skinny legged checked shirts standing across the room. I began to regret that last wine after catching a glimpse of myself in the bar top mirror. Snaggle tooth red lips anyone?

The front room bar presents an open, yet intimate atmosphere, and with the dj positioned directly opposite your sloppy Smirnoff arse, any girl is easily convinced that the boy with the shaggy hair and large headphones is playing just for you.

Drink prices are average for Melbourne city bars, and although second hand clothes are adorned by boys and girls left, right and centre, it seems that the same ‘Savers’ attitude isn’t applied to drink prices. Beer seems to be the most popular beverage of choice for both sexes, and with a swift swipe of a Carona, I ever so quietly heard my liver squirm a speech of thanks for my new light choice.

After dropping a slice of lemon into my Corona with a splash, I was greeted with a grin from my nearest victim. But have no fear, the atmosphere at Eurotrash is relaxed and welcoming. A sea of floppy arms and shaking legs filled up the intimate dance floor, and with this I decided that for a club which initially sounded like an overseas destination, I could gladly call Eurotrash home.