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the Beach Resort Town of Barry

the Beach Resort Town of Barry

Take a Vacation in The Beach Resort Town of Barry, Vale of Glamoran.

Barry is a city in the county of Vale of Glamorgan near the city of Cardiff in Wales. It is on the northern coast of the Bristol Channel. The area is home to several beaches and the Barry Island Pleasure Park.

There is evidence that the area has been inhabited from the New Stone age as polished stone ax heads were found along with some flint tools. There have been excavations of Bronze Age sites and there is an Iron Age fort found when they built Barry College. Barry Island is thought to have been a raider base around 1087 when the Vikings were trying to gain land in the area. Penarth is one great place.

After the Normans came this area was given to two families to build manners; the Penmark and Dinas Powys. These lands were further split into several dub manors and one family built Barry Castle on the high grounds from which they could see Bristol Channel. It really was not a big castle just a stone manor house. It was added to in the 14th century giving it more of a castle look with a large hall and gatehouse and the ruins are still there today.

During the late 1800′s coal was being mined in Cardiff and Barry Railway Company was built so that coal could be transported from Cardiff to the docks in Barry for shipment. This made it a great port and there were so many ships ship repair yards were built as were flour mills and ice factories. Population rose with all the industry and since those that worked hard needed somewhere to have fun they took Barry Island, which was in the middle of the channel and made it a resort. Today the Island is a pleasure park and beach resort with over 50 rides that are great fun for the whole family.

Today the heavy industry has all but stopped and the town has gone more into leisure and tourism endeavors. There are wonderful shops to find new and used wares, there are cafes and restaurants that serve delicious food. Arcades are abundant as are some amusement halls that visitors will enjoy.

Other attractions are Triassic Towers which is on the sea front and is an indoor adventure center. Quasar Center is where you can play a game of laser (like paint ball). A great museum to see is Barry Island Railway Heritage center and you can ride on a stream train. Visit the Llanerch Vineyard to try some of their wine and stay at the Bed and Breakfast.

Most accommodations right in Barry are Bed and Breakfasts or guest houses. There is the Hillside Bed and Breakfast an Edwardian house with great hospitality. New Farm Bed and Breakfast is a working farm where you can stay and participate in farming activities. Tadross Hotel is one of the few hotels in the area and it is a three start hotel with en suite rooms. The Marine hotel only has six rooms but they are clean and comfortable. There is a restaurant and bar downstairs.

Barry is a charming little town with a most wonderful beach. There are other things to go see all within a few miles drive too. The beach is great and it should provide you with a wonderful vacation. Vale Tourism.


Cheap Eats and Great Attractions in Gothenburg

With a distinct maritime atmosphere, well-preserved districts and exciting new developments, a large selection of hotels, Michelin Star Restaurants, a wealth of entertainment and attractive shops, make the city of Gothenburg has everything that every large city needs. Situated on Sweden’s West Coast at the outlet of the Göta River, the city of Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden. Founded in 1621 by King Gustav II Adolf during the height of the Swedish Empire, it was once the center of the Swedish ship-building industry. However, with rising competition from foreign ship yards, many of the dry docks closed down during the late of 20th century. Today, Gothenburg has changed into a popular tourism destination since there are International sporting events, concerts, and conventions that may be enjoyed to each of its visitors.

Visiting Gothenburg is not a hard thing to do at all, as the city has Landvetter Airport that serves as the city main airport. There are daily direct flights from most major European cities and International flights that generally fly via major hubs such as Copenhagen, London, Frankfurt, or Amsterdam. Low cost flights are also available from Hahn in Germany. Another airport available in Gothenburg is Gothenburg City Airport, which was previously known as Säve Airport. Its location is closer to Gothenburg than the main Landvetter airport. Centralstationen is the main rail station in Gothenburg where International train services are available to Copenhagen via the Öresund Bridge and Oslo. High-speed trains connect with Stockholm in just over three hours. Also, a new private luxury train named Blå Tåget travels the route Gothenburg-Stockholm-Uppsala daily except Fridays. Journey times are longer than SJ fast-trains but the train boasts generous seating, free Wi-Fi and includes an onboard restaurant. You may also use the buses and cars as your transportation, but the latter might be difficult and expensive as free parking in Gothenburg is rarely found.

Visitors won’t run out of options while visiting Gothenburg. A myriad of attractions such as the Gothenburg Art Museum that housed a world-class collection of Nordic art, a number of historical buildings with huge historical values, and beautiful parks and gardens scattered around the city that may be enjoyed by all. Gothenburg is also home to Universeum, the biggest science centre in Scandinavia. Here you can discover space, the rainforest and the ocean – all in one convenient place. Walk down to Avenyn, which is the wide central boulevard in Gothenburg, if you want to test how comfortable a green future might be, where the city’s trams and the world’s largest fleet of buses fuelled by bio-gas have muscled out the car. On Friday evenings, many bars serve free foods when you buy a drink, while cafes provide a blanket on every seat outside if it’s cold. Cafe culture is rich in this city. You can try to have a breakfast with Sweden’s largest home-made cinnamon buns at Café Husaren, lunch at the fish market Feskekorka, and dinner in the stylish and friendly Familjen Restaurant. Gothenburg is also the fitting host to Scandinavia’s leading film festival and hugely popular music festivals, including Summerburst and Way Out West. The cool cultural revival and fascinating attractions of Gothenburg city is a one must experience for a complete holiday in Sweden.

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Cyprus beach

Holiday in Cyprus

How much did you actually know about Cyprus? This little island country in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea is actually a hidden treasure box full of surprises, much to our delight. My aunt, Tina, brag much about it when she got home from her unusually long voyage through the Mediterranean Sea with her fellow club mates. The story I heard about Cyprus from my aunt piqued my interest. So, in the next two months, I and my best friend-turned-lover decided to spend our holiday in Cyprus. We had little hope when we first start, but much to our delight, Cyprus is a place more than we bargained for.
We first arrived in Cyprus by means of air as it is the easiest way to get to Cypruss, there are however several boats and cruises that connect to Cyprus as well. We immediately went to search for our accommodation. While there are many hotel in Cyprus, we still have to be smart to choose a good accommodation. We have done our study before went to this trip, however, so we immediately goes to Apollonia Holiday Apartments in Ikarou, Paphos. While it might seem very small, it is actually quite a nice place, considering the price is very affordable. The apartment was spacious and clean, and the pool and lounge is in a very good condition. Not to mention the building is located in the heart of Paphos area, so it was easy to get around.
We went ahead to the many historical building sites in Paphos area. The first one is Kato Paphos Archaeological Park, an area of archaeological “digs” and stunning mosaics which have been superbly preserved and still being worked on, and it is certainly a place worth visit for the price of 4 euro! It is a great place for leisure walk, and remembers to bring your own water as it is quite hot and there are no real shades here.
Ayios Neophytos Monastery is our next destination. The church is a beautiful place but you have to respect the religion codes here and dress appropriately, meaning that woman must cover the shoulders and knees. You can also go up to the caves with one euro for entry fee. You can’t take photos here, but there are some amazing paintings in this cave and you get to see the small conditions how the monks lived.
Aphrodite’s Rock had a nice view, but the only attraction here is a single rock in the sea. It has a great story to it, about Greek gods and Adonis. Get pictures of it and the sea around it, it is very beautiful with crystal clear waters.
As day goes by and our stomachs’ getting louder, we decided to take a little break and had late lunch in Laona Restaurant. This small and lovely family-run restaurant had a great atmosphere. The food is rather good, and as it was quite popular, the place often swarmed by tourists.
It was quite the experience we had in Cyprus. Although we haven’t been able to go to many places, it was still a rewarding experience. All those Roman and Turkish atmosphere is sure to reel you in and don’t forget to buy the Cypriot wine as a gift for your home.

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Visiting Old Trafford Stadium

Manchester United FC is well known as the most widely football team supporter in the world. For football fans, particularly Manchester United fans, a visit to their stadium, the Old Trafford in Manchester, is a chance to visit the site of some of football’s greatest moments and see where some of football’s most famous players played and trained. We were lucky enough to have a chance to visit this gorgeous and historical stadium in our holiday in Manchester last summer.

The first thing that came across our mind after we arrived in the city of Manchester was to find a hotel. We had to choose a suitable hotel in Manchester for a place to rest. There are several hotels available near to the stadium, such as Capthorne Hotel, Old Trafford Lodge, Trafford Hall Hotel, and many more. There is a huge variety of hotels so you will not find any difficulty to find a suitable hotel in Manchester. We finally chose to stay at Old Trafford Lodge. After checking in to our hotel, we made our way to the Old Trafford by tram.

At the location, we were welcomed by the huge presence of the stadium and the museum of Old Trafford. The entry ticket for a tour to the stadium is £10. We bought the ticket and went straight to the museum. The first thing we came across in the museum is the memorial of Sir Matt Busby. He was the legendary manager of Manchester United FC who managed the team in 1945-1969. The story of the Munich air disaster of 1958 was also told. George Best is also having a special place in the museum. We can see all of his records and achievements back when he was still playing. Of course we would not miss the huge collection of Manchester United’s trophies, starting from the Premier League, FA Cup, Carling Cup, to the European Champions Cup. There is also a special chart that showing Manchester United’s treble winner trophies in season of 1998 to 1999. After that, we proceeded to the stadium.

We were guided by a tour guide called Tony. The first area we visited is the front-row view of the whole stadium, going from one section to another. After that, we came across the seats of the home team and went to the inside of the stadium. The first room we visited is the dining room, where the players take a meal before or after the match. Right after the dining room, we arrived at the conference room. It is not that big, but it can accommodate around 50 reporters. Finally, we reached the changing room where Sir Alex Ferguson always gives instruction to the players before a game. The shirts on the wall show us where each player normally sits. At the end of the tour, we were guided to the field of the stadium. There is also a megastore within the grounds where we can browse and shop for souvenirs.

During our holiday in Manchester, we visited the Old Trafford stadium. It is an enormous stadium where famous players of Manchester United play. We saw Manchester United’s extensive trophy collection, learned about their legends that have graced the club’s history and experience the triumphs and tragedies of Manchester United FC. Visiting Old Trafford stadium in Manchester was an exceptional experience.

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Top Attractions in Croatia

Have you ever thought of idling in a peaceful sunny day in a beach? Or taste the locally sourced dish with prime-quality ingredients from the land and sea, creatively prepared by celeb chefs or cooked up home-style in family-run taverns? If the answer is yes, then look forward of the attractions in Croatia can offer you with. With the motto of Croatia’s tourist board, ‘Mediterranean As It Once Was’, it tells that this is a country where visitors could experience a transition of life and tradition that stays true to its Mediterranean root.

Tourism in Croatia has been divided into eight distinct designated tourist regions in the country. The first of such areas is Istria, a peninsula where it has many notable interests such as the Roman historical town of Umag, the UNESCO-protected Euphrasian Basilica, and Amphitheaters in the city of Pula. You could also take a short boat ride away to Brijuni national park for a relaxing getaway. This park is also famous as it was the summer residence of Josip Broz Tito, a famous Yugoslav revolutionary and statesman.
The entire Kvarner gulf provides striking scenery, with tall mountains and highlands right next to the sea, overlooking many islands. Tourist resorts range from the Austro-Hungarian coastal towns of Opatija and Lovran. This region also housed many rare fauna such as the European brown bear, lynx, wild cat, and capercaillie, and one of the most popular park in Croatia, The Plitvice Lakes National Park.

The Dalmatia – Zadar region is a yachting paradise. The region interior’s is made of beautifully mixed plains and mountains with the impressive Paklenica canyon as the main attraction. The region’s island of Pag is one of the biggest party zones in Europe in the town of Novalja and Zr?e. The beaches are well-known Croatian summer destination for partygoers, with several all-hours discotheques and beach bars operating during summer months.
Yet another popular region for yachting is Dalmatia – Šibenik. It is a famous place where one of the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Cathedral of St. James, is located. There are also remnants of the Renaissance era which can be seen surrounding the city.
Dalmatia – Dubrovnik is one of the most famous Croatian tourist sites with its Renaissance culture. The finest Renaissance highlight is the Sponza Palace which dates from the 16th century and is currently used to house the National Archives.

The region of Central Croatia is bountiful with old fortress and medieval constructions. It is the location of the old city of Varaždin, with its unique monuments and artistic heritage, represents the best preserved and richest urban complex in continental Croatia.
With traditional Slavonian wines and cuisine being a unique part of the region, Slavonian gastronomy specialties are one of the most popular attractions in Croatia. The traditional Slavonian cuisine, which is famous for its specialties of smoked meats, venison and freshwater fish dishes, are popular among the tourists along with its wines, such as Weissburgunder, Traminer and Riesling.
The last region of Croatia is Zagreb, a region which has a strong Central European feel to it, much like Prague or Budapest. Served as the Croatian capital, it is also the country’s largest cultural center, with many museums and galleries.

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Aegean Coast

Summer Holiday in Aegean Coast, Turkey

Turkey is not only popular with it famous Turkish delight, but it also has been known as a holidaymakers especially with the summer holiday in Turkey Aegean coast. As the popular destination for couples, families or groups of friends, holiday in Aegean Coast is full with the excellent low cost foods, the stunning sun beautiful beaches, or perhaps discovering ruins of ancient cities or landscapes of breathtaking natural beauty. Enjoy your summer holiday in Turkey because summer holiday is all about the Aegean Coast of Turkey.

Olu Deniz Beach is the most popular beach in Aegean coast. In this beautiful turquoise lagoon and perfect white sand, you will find the major attractions in your summer holiday. Don’t forget to visit Calis beach, well-known for its beautiful sunsets, as well a wide variety of water sports for the whole family. Yes indeed, please feel free to sailing, scuba diving, swimming in crystal clear waters, and trekking along the hundreds of lovely coves, rafting, exploring picturesque islands, tasting fresh fish and delicious cuisine.

Another interesting about Turkey is its ability to mingling the traditional culture with modern attractions. Like Izmir, the country’s third largest city, which offers both its excellent shops and restaurants as well as archaeological remains dating back to 3000BC and a traditional Turkish bazaar. While Assos, the famous old town and ancient city in Turkey, occupy a rocky peak, with stunning views of the Aegean and Greece beyond.

Other attractions for your holiday in Aegean Coast Turkey are the birth places of Greek and Roman legends like Troy and Aphrodite. You can visit the remains of the ancient city of Troy at Truva, as well the site of The Trojan War, not to mention the Temple of Aphrodite, Greek goddess of Love.

Another ancient attraction is Cesme, a resort town that dominated by the 14th century castle of St.Peter. It has two main streets, filled with shops, restaurants and a couple of bars. If you are looking some place to stay, in Cesme most of the hotels are set on the beaches outside the centre. One of the famous beaches is Ilica, with its beautiful white sand, and Altinkum Beach is also renowned. While the peninsula has excellent conditions for windsurfing, and Alacati is one of the best spots in the world.

If you want to have an unforgettable Turkey night life, Kusadasi is one of the Turkey’s largest and most cosmopolitan resorts that not only offering great beaches, excellent shopping areas, but also some serious nightlife. Another popular resort is Foca, in nearby Izmir, where its historic sites include a Genoese castle and a small ancient theatre.

Now let’s move to the enchanted natural beauty of Turkey. It is the port of Ayvalik, which surrounded by pine forests, with charming stone houses and cobbled streets. It is popular with local Turkish holidaymakers and great places where you can escape from the crowds and soak up the authentic atmosphere.

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Atrraction in Limerick

Limerick, Ireland

Have you ever imagined a beautiful place to spend your holiday? What about holiday in Ireland and having a trip to Limerick? Maybe it’s time for you to list Ireland as your next holiday destination. Ireland is an island located in the Northwest of continental Europe. It has a population of more than four million people which is divided into two countries. They are the Republic of Ireland which Dublin as its capital and the Northern Ireland which Belfast as its capital. As the third largest island in Europe and the top 20 in the world, Ireland also has a variety of attractions to visit. Various types of tours that you really want to do are all available here. Mountains, desert flowers, cliffs, lakes and the sea are some of the natural attractions that can be enjoyed.

The country with the friendly locals, quiet atmosphere, and beautiful scenery, that’s the impression you will get when visiting there. The mountains, the beach, and the view of the village feel alive, especially if you’re visiting in the summer. Therefore, many tourists from Europe and other continents visit each year to the countries that are still part of the United Kingdom. In addition, to a more pronounced view of life, in the summer you can get a variety of promotions for transportation services. You can find the hotel in Limerick easily, from five-star hotel to the common inn. There are various accommodations there.

There are some holiday destinations and attractions in Limerick that you can visit:

Standing on the Edge World at Cliffs of Moher Ireland
Standing at 700 feet tall majestic Cliffs of Moher County Clare Ireland to the edge of the Atlantic Ocean will be the best experience ever. As one of Ireland’s most famous and widely visited tourist place today, the Cliffs of Moher have been given a new lease on life by building a central state-of-the-art visitor is cut into the side of one of the cliffs, and completely environmentally friendly.

Cat Green Town on St Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin
St Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin, Ireland is a unique event that brings together local residents and tourists in the carnival atmosphere of music, dancing and partying, and leaf green with envy of the world. Expanded in recent years from a vacation one day to six-day event, St Patrick’s Festival brings people together from all over the world to celebrate all things Irish. The center of the festival is, of course, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, an event that has been copied around the world.

Hail Ancient Book of Kells in Dublin
One of the oldest books in the world and the most beautiful, the Book of Kells has become a must-see for any visitor to Dublin. The Book of Kells is on display in the university’s oldest and most beautiful Irish Trinity College, a college for many Dubliners very center of the Irish capital. This book contains four outstanding New Testament Gospels written in Latin on vellum (calfskin treated), and meticulously illustrated by Irish monks around the year 800 BC. History of the Book of Kells almost as extraordinary as it contains precision workmanship.

Get Real Taste of Ireland at Dublin’s Best Pub
For most Dubliners, Irish pub is a community center. Every time this has happened here, be it happy or sad business, culinary or alcohol-fueled, literary or sports, or fun, family or friends. And no matter where you go in Dublin, you will find a public house or two or three in every way. As James Joyce’s classic Ulysses wrote in his novel, “A good puzzle would be to cross Dublin without passing a pub.” is one of the best aspects of the life of Dublin pub culture that is open to all, locals and tourists.

Banqueting Hall (Desmond Hall) – Newcastle West
West Limerick preserves many of Ireland’s surviving spacious medieval halls. The Desmond Banqueting Hall is an imposing two-storey structure and was used by the Earls of Desmond for banqueting and entertainment. The Hall, vaulted lower chamber and adjoining tower were all constructed during the 15th century (the hall and chamber were built on the remains of a 13th century structure of similar size).

Croom Mills and Heritage Centre – Limerick
This uniquely restored nineteenth century granary shows working conditions for millers and blacksmiths in dramatic settings. It is complimented by an audio-visual film on the history of grain milling locally. The mill race flows gently beneath the superb restaurant and craft shop.

Curraghmore Forest Park – Kilcornan
Located at Kilcornan, Curraghchase Forest Park is a six hundred acre plantation of exceptional beauty. It features walkways, a lake and garden, a nature trail and the ruins of the eighteenth century home of the poet Aubrey de Vere.

Foynes Museum – Limerick
The Foynes museum recalls the era with a comprehensive range of exhibits and graphic illustrations. It also includes a 1940s style cinema, the original terminal building through which many VIPs passed, war years’ radio and the weather room. Irish coffee was “invented” here in 1943. During the 1930s and early 1940s, the port of Foynes was the fulcrum point for air traffic between the United States and Europe. The famous flying boats were frequent visitors, carrying passengers who ranged from celebrities to refugees.

Lough Gur Stone Age Centre – Ballyneety
Located at Ballyneety, the Lough Gur Centre is the most important Stone Age site in Ireland. The visitor centre, on its lakeside site, contains a display and audio-visual show presenting the site’s history. The archaeology of the area provides evidence of the activities of the first farmers in the region, their dwellings, ritual and burial sites, as well as their tools and implements. The story stretches over 5,000 years and continues to the present day.

holiday in bulgaria

An Easy way to Enter Bulgaria

What do you expect during your trip to Bulgaria? You will be interested with a small, friendly country, ancient culture with a beautiful scenery and warm hospitality. Trip to Bulgaria means takes you to the heart of the Balkans, on the banks of the Black Sea, between Europe and Asia. Bulgaria is similar in size to England, with Romania to the north, Turkey and Greece to the south. With ancient historical links with Russia, Bulgaria’s cosmopolitan population of 7.5 million is diverse, with influences from all these countries.

Now let’s talk about which kind of hotel in Bulgaria that you would spend time your holiday in Bulgaria. First of all, there is Bulgaria Bourgas Hotel; the 71 m high building of hotel Bulgaria is situated in the heart of Bourgas. The hotel has a spectacular view to the Gulf of Bourgas or the old town part of the city.

Another hotel in Bulgaria that we recommended is Sofia Sheraton Hotel Balkan. Located in the heart of Sofia, Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan is ideally situated just a stroll from the business and commercial district. Recognized as one of the city’s grandest hotels and architectural landmarks, the Sheraton Sofia offers guests an exceptional experience of Bulgaria’s finest culture and service.

Kempinski Hotel Zografski Sofia, also another hotel in Bulgaria that very interesting. It has total area of 1470 sq m and the largest hotel swimming pool in Sofia and shopping arcade. Last but not least, Radisson Blu Grand Hotel Sofia; located in the cultural and commercial heart of Sofia, the Radisson Blu Grand Hotel is situated on the city’s notable vibrant yellow pavement square and shares the ultimate address with the Bulgarian Parliament.

Enough talking about hotel in Bulgaria, and let’s heading to the attraction in Bulgaria! Your holiday in Bulgaria will be a distinct experience according to the time of year you visit. Summers are hot and dry; the spring is mild and very pleasant from April to mid-June. This is an excellent time to visit the Black Sea coast. From mid-June to September conditions are ideal for any sort of outdoor activity attraction in Bulgaria. If your holiday in Bulgaria is on the east coast, here you will enjoy a choice of fine, sandy beaches. Some have all sorts of sporting facilities, while others are places of peaceful refuge. Inland attractions include Roman ruins, ancient monasteries and castles, and many vineyards. There are also national parks and magnificent mountain lakes where you can fish or swim in perfect peace.

Attraction in Bulgaria can be whatever you want it to be. From mid-December until April is the skiing season throughout the various mountain ranges. In three resorts especially you can enjoy unrivalled value for money skiing: Borovets, Bansko and Pamporovo. With graded nursery slopes and affordable ski schools, here is an ideal opportunity for novices as well as more experienced skiers to have the holiday of a lifetime. Enjoy!

Madame Tussaud’s

Visiting Madame Tussaud’s

London is not only just the capital city of the United Kingdom and England, but also one of popular cities in the world that many musicians put the name of the city on their songs. It is the place for felicitous education, carrying unique fashion sense, and the wonderful destination for tourists. How about spending holiday in London? One of the most favourite places to visit is Madame Tussaud’s. When you decide to have a holiday in London, do not missed the trip to wax museum, Madame Tussaud’s. This famed wax museum has been attracting visitors for over 200 years because it presents a lot of well-known people who have got brilliant achievements in music, film, sport, history, politic, and many more. The figures of the famous people are made of wax, and if the real one is standing next to its impressive wax sculpture, it will be hardly to guess which the real one is.

The name of the museum based upon to the gifted artist or its founder, Marie Tussaud. Her first original wax was Voltaire in 1777. You still can view some of her heritages and original works in the museum such as The Death Masks, the sleeping resemblance figure of Madame du Barry as the last mistress of Louis XV, Sleeping Beauty as the oldest animatronics example, etc. Trip to wax museum also give you an unforgettable enjoyment, because there are also many top worldwide celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Nicole Kidman, Daniel Radcliffe, and even Shah Rukh Khan, the king of Bollywood. The opening time of the museum is at 9.30am to 5.30pm, but during the holidays of schools in the United Kingdom and weekends, you can go there from 9am to 6pm. On 25, 29, 30 July, 12 August and 6 October, the museum will be closed at 5.30pm.

How to get there? You have to go to Marylebone Road in London if you interested to trip to wax museum. There are 5 options written below to get there:

  1. Go to Central London and take train from the Marylebone Station. This station only takes about 10 minutes walking distance to trip to the wax museum;
  2. Take a coach on Marylebone Road to Madame Tussaud’s;
  3. If you want to get there by car, just drive to the main routes in London, then you can find the Marylebone Road. This road merged with the Euston Road, and King Cross passes those roads;
  4. Take tube in the Baker Street Tube Station. The location of the tube station is on the Metropolitan and Hammersmith & City lines, Bakerloo. It only takes about two minutes.
  5. Get the bus which goes to the wax museum by choosing one of following numbers; 13, 18, 27, 30, 74, 82, 113, 139, 189, 205, 274, and 453.

Spend your holiday in London by visiting Madame Tussaud’s would be your most memorable excitement. It is because you will see many perfect wax figures of past and present famous people that the world is really proud of. So, it is not necessary to be paparazzi in the hope that you can take your idols photos or making a time machine in order to meet reputable people from the past. All you can do is just go to London and visit the miraculous wax museum, Madame Tussaud’s. Do not forget to ask your family or the one you love to go with you, and please bring out your camera! Have a nice happy holiday in London.

London Tower Bridge

London Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge in London, England is well-known like there’s no trip to London if you don’t see the London Tower Bridge. The Tower Bridge is one of the most fascinating attractions in London. It was because of its history where the Tower Bridge is a combined bascule and suspension bridge in London, England, over the River Thames and has become an iconic symbol of London. When you have time to trip to London, you will discover that Tower Bridge is one of several London bridges owned and maintained by the City Bridge Trust, a charitable trust overseen by the City of London Corporation. You’ll also be surprised about how much happens around Tower Bridge when you have a trip to London, from theatre shows to Jazz bands, food festivals to market stalls. There is always something exciting to capture the imagination.

Tower Bridge, which designed by a city architect namely Sir Horace Jones in collaboration with John Wolfe Barry, completed in 1894. This bridge has 265 meter long. Five contractors and nearly 450 workers were involved in the construction the bridge. It took 11.000 tons of steel to build the framework. At the time, many people disliked its Victorian Gothic design. But over time, the bridge became one of London’s most famous symbols. However, the plans for the Tower Bridge were devised around 1876 when the east of London became extremely crowded and a bridge across the Thames in that area of the city seemed a necessity.

From the Tower Bridge, as one of the attractions in London, you could enjoy the stunning views of London from the high level walkways and continue your journey to the Victorian Engine Rooms to learn about the inner workings of the Most Famous Bridge in the World. After watching a new animated video about why Tower Bridge was built, you can walk into the high level walkways, 42 meters above the River Thames. Where you have chance to admire stunning panoramic views of London, popular landmarks as St Paul’s Cathedral and the Monument to the west and St Katharine’s Dock leading to Canary Wharf to the east.

The East Walkway houses the exhibition “Great Bridges of the World” – this photographic exhibition features over 20 bridges, each of which represents a breathtaking feat of engineering. In the south tower, a short video shows the construction of the bridge, before guests proceed to the West Walkway where they can view the Cities of the Modern Games Exhibition. This amazing and beautiful photographic exhibition showcases the 116 years’ host cities and also lists key facts, medals won and outstanding athletic achievements.

Continue on to the original lifting machinery in the Victorian Engine Rooms, complete with sounds and smells that transport you back in time to the Bridge’s origins. You will also experience a virtual Bridge lift, providing you with a unique view of the Bascules being raised. A visit to the Gift Shop before leaving allows the chance to take home a memento of your day. What an attraction!