Travel Guide to Rome

Are you interested in spending your time in one of the world’s fashion homes? Or are you dreaming of having a walk in the medieval-style city? If the answer is yes, you should take account of Rome, the capital city of Italy. Yes, everybody agrees that having a holiday in Rome, which used to be the center of Roman Empire, would completely be delightful. The city, which is rich in [...]


Canals of Venice

When it comes to have holiday in Italy it means you have a chance to see the beautiful Venice that is surrounded by water all over and is located on the north of Italy. The capital of Venice is Veneto. It is commonly known as the city of lovers, water and also the city of bridges—how’s romantic is that—It is spread over 118 Islands, not very big in size. Yes [...]


Romantic Vacation in Ischia

Ischia is the most beautiful and biggest island in the Gulf of Naples, and one of the most famous seaside and touristic spa centers of Italy and the world. There are main reasons why we do suggest you to have the most romantic vacation is Ischia, first of all its unequalled natural beauty, secondly, its all-year-round mild climate, and for its thermal water, and lastly for its modern tourist facilities [...]


Holiday in Milan

When you mention Italy as a travel destination, there are a lot of cities that would attract you. Rome, Florence, Venice, Verona, Bologna, and many others. But there’s a city in Italy that has a name of its own: Milan. Milan has been known as the center of the fashion world. The fashion lovers in you would definitely put this Italy city in your travel bucket list. But in reality, [...]


Hotels in Torino, Italy

Diversity of history, culture and natural scenery is one of the attractions that make Europe so famous. Europe is the best destination for tourists and the businessmen. European countries are often a target for tourists and business people very much, such as Italy. Countries that have a red, white and green are presenting natural attractions, shopping centers and historical places that you must visit when on vacation to Europe. In [...]


Hotels in Rome

Europe is one of the best destinations for tourists who feel like a vacation. The combination of culture and history of each country is one of the perks that are owned by Europeans, not counting the natural scenery, shopping centers, historic sites and enchanting four seasons. From many countries in Europe, one of which attracted foreign tourists are Italian. If you go to Italy, do not complete if you do [...]


A Tourist's Guide to Milan

Milan is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Italy and is known the world over for its fashion and its football, of course. Although many designers are no longer based in Milan, it remains the inspiration capital for fashion and the twice yearly fashion shows means there is an influx of designers, buyers and of course super models from the world over. Best Time to Travel to Milan The [...]


Discover Rome

One way to take advantage of summer and enjoy a nice weekend in Rome is to explore it while riding a bike. There are many paths you can travel in this way, some of which allow you to explore lesser known areas of the city m, equally striking and in particular allow to visit parks and green areas which other minds would walk farther to reach and perhaps would eventually [...]