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Las Vegas

Las Vegas, The Entertainment Capital of The World

Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada…that’s exactly how the famous sign reads and that’s  exactly how you will feel in this internationally renowned resort city.

Frequently referred to as “The entertainment capital of the world” or “Sin City”, Las Vegas is the place to go to have a good time. Attracting a massive 40 million visitors a year, you won’t be alone in wanting to experience the glitz and the glamour of the city that has it all. Gambling, shows, shopping, fine dining and vibrant nightlife are just a few of the things that encourage so many tourists to make the trip to this world famous city. Join us in taking a look at some of the best things to do in this fabulous city…


Las Vegas is not known as Sin City for nothing, this city is the USA’s, if not the world’s capital of gambling, it’s just what it’s known for. And for good reason too, the city features “The Strip”, a 4.2 mile stretch of casino after casino plus many more scattered elsewhere around the city. If gambling’s what you’re after, Las Vegas is the place to be.

Take a trip back to Roman times at Caesar’s Palace

A place that just screams Las Vegas. Ask just about anybody to name a location in Las Vegas and they’ll say Caesar’s Palace. With 3,960 rooms, six towers and a Roman empire theme, Caesar’s Palace is a place like no other in the world.

Whether you plan to stay in the luxury hotel, pay a visit to some of the 160 shops at The Forum Shops at Caesar’s, dine out at one of the many restaurants, catch a show or of course gamble, we can be sure you won’t be disappointed with Caesar’s Palace. After all you will be in good company, famous Caesar’s Palace performers have included Frank Sinatra, Celine Dion, Elton John, David Copperfield and Judy Garland.

Visit the world’s attractions (well, replicas of them!)

Las Vegas is renowned for paying homage to many other cities the world over. Throughout Las Vegas you’ll find replicas of many famous world landmarks featured within this fabulous city’s casinos. Fancy a trip to Paris? Why not just head over to the casino, Paris, France. Featuring a very French theme, Paris, France pays tribute to the city with its half-scale, 165m tall replica of the Eiffel Tower, a two-thirds size Arc de Triomphe, its replica of La Fontaine des Mers and a 1,2000-seat theatre called Le Théâtre des Arts.

How about Venice? Well, then head over to the Venetian. With a lifelike replica of St. Mark’s Campanile on the edge of a lifelike replica of St. Mark’s Square, plus gondolas, canals and fabulous Venetian style bridges and architecture, this luxury casino does a very good-job of reenacting the Italian city.

Or perhaps you’d prefer the Big Apple? Well, that can be done too. New York, New York gives you exactly what you crave with replicas of the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building and the Statue of Liberty all featured around this New York themed casino. While within the resort, the New York theme doesn’t stop, all of the gambling areas, lounges, restaurants and meeting rooms are named after New York City neighbourhoods and landmarks.

Get married!

Aside from gambling, if there’s one other thing Las Vegas is known for it’s shotgun weddings. Whether you plan to take the vow or just plan to watch another couple be wedded in happy matrimony, what better place to do it than Vegas? After all it’s the home of the Little White Wedding Chapel, one of the most famous wedding chapels in the world and a place that has seen over 800,000 couples married within its doors. Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow, Joan Collins and Peter Holm, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, and Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon are just a few of the famous couples who have said “I do” at this famous venue.

Get a good night’s sleep

After enjoying all the excitement that Sin City has to offer, you will probably be exhausted and in desperate need of a good night’s sleep. And for that reason we recommend the ARIA Las Vegas Hotel. Offering the ultimate in luxury, this hotel has 4004 guest rooms, 568 luxury suites and 150,000 feet of gambling…if you haven’t already done enough! But it doesn’t just end at that, this 5 star hotel also features award winning culinary dining destinations, three distinctive pools, a range of fashion-forward designer boutiques and is home to the breathtaking Cirque Du Soleil Zarkana show.

hot air balloon

October in Albuquerque, New Mexico

I just returned from my holiday in Albuquerque over the course of nine days this October. I went with my immediate family, along with my aunt and my nieces. Originally, I only planned to go there with my own family as a sort of “reward” for my son’s high school graduation. But, at a family gathering around Christmas last year I told my aunt about the trip and asked if we could maybe go together anyway since her daughter’s daughter also will be graduated from high school too. She enthusiastically said yes. It was my family’s first trip to New Mexico and my first pure vacation trip there.

Overall, the trip was an absolute blast. I was worried about the culture shock of a new place, new locations, and new foods, especially with my young daughter tagging along. Oddly, my eighteen years old son was easy to pick up pace and be comfortable about it, or perhaps because he has a brand new Ipad with him. The food there overall was very good, the views are stunning, and there are a lot to see there. However, the main attraction that steals the spotlight of my entire family was the grand festivals that were held there, especially the colorful hot air balloon festival. I can’t imagine a more beautiful and rewarding place such as this.

Excluding the occasional roar of a propane burner, there is nothing more serene than taking the town by colorful hot air balloon. The annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is the largest hot air balloon festival in the world held each October. The area is renowned for its excellent precision flying conditions and has around 750 balloons. You have to get ready for an early day though; as the hot air balloon only kicks off at sunrise and we’ve nearly missed it if my five years old daughter hadn’t had her mommy to wake her up.

When we get there, it was already time for the Mass Ascensions, one of the biggest events of the fiesta, where all participating balloons launch in two different waves, filling the sky with hundreds of balloons at once. The sky is filled with all kinds of colors and shape of balloons. One of the balloons had my daughter’s favorite animal shape, turtle. It was quite a thrilling experience in the hot air balloon festival. It feels as if you float dreamily over the land and soaks in the beautiful views of the Sandia Mountains and trust me, it’s worth it.
While there are quite a lot of hotels in Albuquerque, I’d recommend the Hotel Parq Central. I love this place. They have the best staffs I have ever had the pleasure of being in contact with. I cannot say good enough reasons about this place. From the front desk service to hotel security, elevator door man to the wonderful staff in the lounge, everyone is truly priceless. They will not disappoint the customer at all, a very classy hotel all around.

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White Sands National Monument, New Mexico

Do you enjoy strolling around on a beach? You might go to the beach to relish its wave, sunlight, or the sparkling sand. Many beaches present white sand and you possibly go there to see how bright the sands are. Actually, there is a tourist destination in the New Mexico that the truly white sands spread widely. White Sands National Monument is the name of the place where you can see the pure white sand with some plants and animals reside here. The desert has got about 25 square miles in width, and lies above sea level on 3890′ to 4116′. These make this desert to be the largest dune field in the world. On 22 January, 2008, it is included on the transient list of World Heritage Sites. Travel to White Sands National Monument with your children, friends, or the one you love the most would be a new and different impression of white sand which you usually have from the white sandy beach.

What makes the dune field shining? It made of hydrous calcium sulfate (gypsum) which comes from a transitory lake. The lake has got plentiful mineral contents. The water vaporizes 80″ per year, and then the gypsum stored from the mineral left. Then, the wind carries away the gypsum to shape the dune and makes the sand luminous white. Surprisingly, a lot of species of plants and animals are able to survive in this area that has a little water come up to the surface with cold temperature in winters and hot summers. There are approximately 44 species of mammals, 26 species of reptiles, 6 species of amphibians, and 100 species of insects are living here. Most of them are nocturnal. It is because of the blazing heat, and to save more water to consume. Yet, after sunset, they begin seeking for food. They also can be found in the morning in the beautiful white sand.

What to do in this picturesque white sandy land? The travelers can walking around in this marvelous area of white sands, having picnic with family, doing the activities offered such as full moon night recreation, the Sunset Stroll Nature Walk, going to Lake Lucero, and the other special events available. This recreation place is usually open daily, but it will be closed on 25 December regarding to the Christmas day or the road and the weather are not feasible for visitors to come. Here are the operating hours of the monument:

  • Summer hours (18 Apr – 11 Sept):   8 am – 7pm
  • Winter hours (6 Nov – 28 Feb):         9 am – 5pm
  • Spring hours (28 Feb – 17 Apr):        9 am – 6pm
  • Holiday hours (19 Dec – 1 Jan):         8 am – 5 pm

Building a small sand castle is not only can be done on the beach, but also in this dune field. You do not have to worry about the disruption of waves that sweep out your castle. Even hiking or sledding would be the very fun activities in White Sands National Monument. So, do you fancy having a unique experience of surfing on the white sands? Come together with your whole family and do not forget to take some pictures to fill your memorable holiday photo collection.

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Holiday in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Top Attractions

Have you ever stood under the sparkling of metropolitan lights? Or have you ever dreamed of staying at a luxurious hotel with the most numerous rooms in the world? Or do you like entertainments? The Sin City of Las Vegas has those things for you!

Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World, is the biggest city in Nevada, USA. Located at the southern area of Nevada Desert, Las Vegas is well known for its casino-resorts and entertainment industry. Many people around the world have come to spend their holiday in Las Vegas. It has become heaven for gamblers, shoppers, and pleasure seekers in the world. Las Vegas Strip has 15 out of the 25 largest hotels in the world. If it is counted by the number of the room, the Las Vegas Strip has a total of over 62.000 hotel and resort rooms.

One of the most popular and the largest hotel in Las Vegas is the Luxor Resort and Casino. The resort, that has over 4.000 rooms, is located at the southern end of the Las Vegas Strip, west side of the Boulevard Street. It offers luxurious accommodations and top services starting from the sparkling nightlife to relaxing spa, from entertainment to elegant restaurant. Luxor Resort and Casino, which is the most unique hotel in Las Vegas Strip, has an unusual design of building. The main building appears in a huge pyramid form wrapped by dark glass. It also has an obelisk and a replica of Great Sphinx of Giza placed near the main building as its mark. The other fantastic thing of the Luxor Resort and Casino is the Luxor Sky Beam. It is a beam that appears on the tip of pyramid that points directly upward to the sky. This fabulous beam is claimed to be the strongest beam in the world!

Another hotel and casino that is not less magnificent than Luxor is the Caesars Palace. Located at the southern area of the Las Vegas Strip, Caesars Palace offers special services from standard amenities to super elite amenities. The hotel that uses Roman Empire theme has the “Garden of the Gods”, refreshing swimming pools surrounded by classic statues and beautiful fountains. At Caesars, there is also a “Colosseum”, an open air amphitheatre that was originally built for Celine Dion’s show. The other entertainment and attractions you can find here are the Pure Nightclub, Festival Fountain, Fall of Atlantis, Pussycat Dolls Lounge, and a number of world-famous restaurants with celebrity chefs.

Last but not least, the other glamorous hotel and casino in the Las Vegas Strip is the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. It has a fantastic yet modern Hollywood architecture design. Planet Hollywood, which was previously known as The Aladdin, features a casino floor that is full of table games, slot machines, and The Playing Field Race and Sports Book. Located also at the southern area of the Las Vegas Strip, Planet Hollywood provides various amenities of guest room starting from Hollywood Hip to Panorama Suite with a total number of 2600 rooms.

As the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas has the most numerous extravagant hotels with its various entertainments. Holiday in Las Vegas would definitely be as sparkling as the Sin City itself!

attraction in yellowstone

Yellowstone, Best Cheap Summer Vacation

Yellowstone, the world’s first national park in U.S., which is located in the state of Wyoming, extending to Montana, and Idaho, is a beautiful tourist object in the United States of America. Yellowstone is known for its “supervolcano” and geysers. The most famous geyser in Yellowstone National Park is the Old Faithful Geyser. It is the most predictable geographical feature that erupts almost every 91 minutes. The other popular feature in this park is the wildlife. There are various kinds of wild animals living freely in Yellowstone, such as bear, bison, fox, and elk. No wonder, this place becomes one of the best vacation destinations in the world. So, if you are now searching for a cheap vacation for the upcoming summertime, visiting Yellowstone could be the best cheap summer vacation for your family.

There are 5 entrances to Yellowstone, each of them is located in the nearest city. All vehicles are allowed to enter the park. The entrance fee varies depending on the vehicle type. The fees are $25 for all non-commercial vehicles, $20 for motorcycles and snowmobiles, and $12 for hikers and cyclists. All kinds of entrance fee are valid for 7 days. Besides that, to alternate the 7-day pass, you can take the one year pass. This annual entrance fee is $50, while the interagency annual entrance fee is $80. All entrance passes provide access to all recreation sites in the park.

You can get around the park by your own vehicle during the vacation. There are plenty of hotels and inns dispersed throughout inside and outside the park you can stay at. If you choose to get around by private vehicle, it is recommended to see the famous Old Faithful Geyser in the southwest part of the park. Not far from the geyser, you can find a lodge named Old Faithful Inn where you can stay at. However, this lodge is always full during the summertime, so it is recommended to reserve before visiting Yellowstone. If you expect a simpler vacation trip, you can take a summer vacation package from Xanterra Parks & Resorts. It offers 2 types of summer packages, which are Adventure Package and Lodging & Learning Package. If you are planning an adventurous vacation with your family, you can take the first package. This package includes 5 nights lodging, meal, welcome gift, in-park transportation, cruising on Yellowstone Lake, horseback ride, stagecoach ride, CD of photographs, and baggage handling. If you prefer a more educative vacation in Yellowstone, you can take the second package with all attractive amenities included in it.

However, if you are expecting a much cheaper vacation, you can try backpacking or cycling. By backpacking or cycling, you will not need to pay a vacation package or lodging fee. As an alternative, you can stay at any campsite scattered throughout the park. There are about 12 campgrounds in Yellowstone Park with hundreds of campsites. Campfire at each site is allowed only in established locations to prevent fire danger. Before camping, you need to make a reservation to avoid unavailability, especially during the summertime. This one will surely be the best cheap summer vacation.

attraction in Kauai

Kauai, Best Honeymoon Destination

Honeymoon is a holiday undertaken by a married couple to spend their time together. For newlyweds, honeymoon after marriage is as important as their wedding ceremony. By having honeymoon, the couples can tighten their relationship to begin their life of marriage. There are a bunch of best honeymoon destinations in the world that can be visited by the newlyweds, one of which is Kauai Island.

Kauai is one of the islands in Hawaiian archipelago. It is located at the most northern part of the Hawaiian Islands. There are a number of great spots to visit in this island, such as beautiful tropical beaches, gardens, and waterfalls. This gorgeous lush island will surely give you an amazing honeymoon experience. If you are planning a honeymoon trip to Kauai Island, you ought to try these spots.

1. Lydgate Beach Park

Lydgate Beach is located at the east side of Kauai Island. This beach contains a volcanic rock wall that separates it from the open ocean. This lava rock wall is functioned to protect the visitors while swimming or bathing. There are beautiful gnarled trees growing in Lydgate Beach. Besides the sandy shore, this place also serves you a grassy area where you can fly kites or have a picnic with your spouse. This is the best honeymoon destination in Kauai.

2. Shipwreck Beach

In the south area of Kauai Island is Shipwreck Beach. This is a long and wide beach that serves you a beautiful view of Pacific Ocean, coast line, and a 40-feet-tall cliff where Harrison Ford and Anne Heche jumped from to the ocean below in the movie 6 Days and 7 Nights”. In Shipwreck Beach, there are 2 resorts, Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Poipu Kai Resort, where you can stay at during the honeymoon.

3. Nounou Mountain

Nounou Mountain is also known as Sleeping Giant. It is called so because Nounou Mountain looks like a figure of human that sleeping on his back if we look at it from afar. This mountain gives the visitors a hiking trail to the top of the mountain. The scene along the trail is splendid. You will also see the gorgeous view of east Kauai as you reach the top of the hill. The hiking experience will certainly make your honeymoon more meaningful.

4. Na `Aina Kai Botanical Gardens

Na `Aina Kai means “By the Sea”. This garden is located at the north side of Kauai Island. Na `Aina Kai is like a living mosaic which contains various gardens, hardwood plantations, mosses, and canyons. This is the best honeymoon destination for the couples who love nature.

5. Kahiliholo Falls

This exquisite stream fall is also the best honeymoon destination in Kauai. It actually is a beautiful garden with a panoramic of a fall that is created by a volcanic rock dam. This place also offers a beautiful view of Namahana Mountains which is surrounded by waterfalls.

Kauai, the Hawaii’s Garden Isle, will definitely give you an unforgettable experience while having honeymoon with your beloved one. Do not hesitate, if you have enough budget, visiting this island would be a good choice.

hotel in maui

Best Hotel in Maui

The island of Maui is the second largest of the Hawaiian island; where the big tourist spots in Maui include the Hana Highway, Haleakala National Park, and Lahaina. The Hana Highway runs along the east coast of Maui, curving around many mountains and passing by by black sand beaches and waterfalls; it is so perfect to have holiday in Maui. Haleakala National Park is home to Haleakala, a dormant volcano. While Lahaina is one of the main attractions on the island with an entire street of shops and restaurants which lead to a wharf where many set out for a sunset cruise or whale watching journey. Snorkeling can be done at almost any beach along the Maui coast. Surfing and windsurfing are also popular on Maui.

Yes, if you are an adventurer and looking for holiday in Maui, nothing offers a quicker, more awesome overview of the island, (never mind an instant adrenaline rush) than hovering over Maui’s towering volcanic peaks and waterfalls on a helicopter tour. There are myriad fantastic snorkel sites on Maui, but local favorites include Honolua Bay, Napili Bay, Black Rock, Kamaole Beaches in Kihei and Five Caves in Makena.

At the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, you would love the extra thoughtful touches like twice-daily housekeeping service and the complimentary frozen fruit spears served every hour by the pool. The Four Seasons is also one of Maui’s most kid-friendly locales, since it offers milk and cookies on arrival, complimentary baby and kid’s toiletries, a popular game room and kid-friendly menus in each of the three restaurants. As its name suggests, this Four Seasons sits pretty on Waiela Beach.

Another best hotel in Maui is The Riz Carlton Kapalua, located less than a mile inland from D.T. Fleming Beach, is popular with travelers trying to escape bustling Lahaina. The rooms are spacious, with an airy-yet-refined atmosphere and wrought-iron lanais (or Hawaiian patios) offering gorgeous views of the coast. Plus, the Hawaiian-inspired touches like palm tree curtains and throw pillows with pineapple designs are popular with recent travelers. Others enjoyed the hiking excursions and other outdoor ventures.

Travaasa Hana located in Hana overlooking Hamoa Beach, where you are invited to explore local traditions like hula though classes taught on-site by staff members that have been with the hotel for generations. There’s also the fact that the hotel doesn’t just have a whirlpool, but a lava rock whirlpool. The Fairmont Kea Lani, located in the posh Wailea neighborhood on the southeast coast of Maui, which is a laidback suite and villa-filled resort.

Besides the hotel, Maui also has the Maui Ocean Center, the most lavish attraction on the Valley Isle. The aquarium brings you face to face with mesmerizing jellyfish, beloved sea turtles, sharks, and reef fish, all without getting wet. Experienced divers can reserve an opportunity to drop into the tanks and feed the sea creatures, while the less bold will be enlightened to learn about whales at the Discovery Center. Aloha and enjoy!

Saint Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine

Welcome to St. Augustine – the oldest European settled city in North America! St. Augustine has old world charm with 21st century conveniences, shopping, ethnically diverse restaurants, family fun, and romance. We love this city! Start your visit with a stop at the Visitor Center on San Marco Avenue. Then walk through the old city gates and stroll down St. George Street to partake of what St. Augustine has to offer. Visit the Spanish Quarter Museum which shows through living history, how the city unfolded through the centuries and changes in ownership. Florida was claimed by France, Spain, Great Britain, and the Confederacy. The self-guided tour is $10 for adults, and $5 for children, and entitles you entrance to the Government House and the de Mesa-Sanchez Home, too.

Then, stop at the Spanish Bakery, one of our favorite rest stops, between 9 and 3 for a delicious empanada, a spicy Spanish meat pie. You can eat under the oaks. Very nice! The Castillo de San Marcos is across the street, on Matanzas Bay. It’s the fort which once guarded St. Augustine, and definitely worth some time. Rumors of ghosts, too! Also worth a look are the grounds of Nombre di Dios, just north of the fort, on San Marcos Avenue. A 208 foot stainless steel cross marks the site of the Spanish Thanksgiving (the real first Thanksgiving) when they landed. Look for the book about it, The Real First Thanksgiving, by Robyn Gioia, at the Visitor’s Center. There is an old cemetery and a tiny Roman Catholic Church once used by the Spanish settlers. If you’d like to see the town by water, cruises are offered.

There is no shortage of cuisines in St. Augustine. Spanish, Mayan, Columbian, British, Asian, and American are included. We sampled many. Scarlett O’Hara’s is an example of Florida fare. We had gator tale, soup, and potato skins with a Blue Martini each (a house specialty). Very good! Choose the front porch, the inside first floor, or go up to the Ghost Room for more atmosphere. At the Prince of Wales Pub on Hypolita Street, we sat on the porch people watching while we enjoyed our Scotch eggs and fried pickle (it really is tasty) and a beer. It’s on the corner of Cuna and Spanish Streets. For something a little different, visit the San Sebastian Winery on King Street. Taste the wine and then go up to the rooftop for lunch. The fruit and cheese platter is ample for 2. Add two glasses of wine, and it’s a delightful treat. If it’s breakfast you’re looking for, the Bunnery on St. George Street is classic American. We had two delicious espressos and two savory feta and spinach croissants. We loved Casa Maya, a Mayan restaurant on Hypolita Street! We enjoyed a breakfast of sweet potato pancakes, pablano eggs and excellent, strong coffee. The prices are not expenisive. One of our favorite stops is The Rendezvous in the St. George Mall. There are beers from around the world and the bartenders are knowledgeable and helpful in selecting a beer. Late in the afternoon, (or earlier if you want, because it’s always 5:00 somewhere) stop by the Tini Martini Bar on Avineda Mendez, sit on the porch or out on the patio and sip while you enjoy the scenery. If you’re celebrating a special occasion, The Tasting Room is just the place. The food is exquisite! It’s on Hypolita Street. Of course, if you want pizza, ice cream, or fast food, there are plenty of choices there, too.

So what about the romance? A horse drawn carriage ride around the old city is reasonable, and you’ll get history, too, if you want it. Go to the water on Avenida Mendez. Maybe a martini at the Tini Martini afterwards? Or something at The Tasting Room? Or a quiet stroll down by the water? If you like lighthouses, there’s one for you a short drive away on Anastasia Island, along with a beautiful, quiet beach. More romance. The lighthouse tour entitles you to spectacular views of the ocean and the island, and a look at the house the lighthouse keeper and his family lived in. We were there on a Saturday, and were happily surprised to find a greenmarket with live entertainment. It was a bonus to an already wonderful day.

There are lots of boutiques and specialty stores in the old city and beyond. You can find Irish goods, garden statuary, clothes, nautical memorabilia, toys, spices, and more. There are photography studios that specialize in “old time “photographs. At the I-95 exit, there are two outlet malls.

There are a variety of ghost tours and pub crawls. If you find you need an ATM, there is a 24 hour one behind the St. George Inn on Avenida Mendez.

We love visiting St. Augustine! It offers entertainment for everybody, and is a true Florida treasure. If you’re looking for a vacation destination in Florida, this is a great choice!

Beaches of Miami

Visiting Miami is a little bit like standing in front of a buffet table – so many dishes, very little space in the stomach! When you’re visiting Miami, you’ll feel like there’s not enough time to do everything that’s important and fun in Miami! There are, literally, thousands upon thousands of shopping destinations, hundreds of Miami attractions and a long list of Miami beaches to visit. This is a time when you’ll truly appreciate a good visitors’ guidebook to Miami or if you’re on tour, your Miami tour guide can give a pretty good idea on where to go and what to eat in Miami.

Otherwise, here’s a list of top recommendations to the stretches of haven that the world knows as Miami.

Miami, Florida

You can’t visit Miami without visiting the famous beaches

Mention Miami and what immediately comes to mind are the calming beaches that span the coastline. Many tourists admit that the reason why they decided to visit Miami was because of the Miami beaches. Esther Piper, a 24-year-old tourist, says that she couldn’t get enough of the beaches and after spending 2 weeks in Miami, she’s STILL not completely covered all the beaches in Miami! Formerly a coconut plantation, Crandon Beach Park on Key Biscayne leads the pack of beaches on the top beaches in Miami. Crandon has more than 2 miles worth of sandy beaches in a layout of calm-water lagoon-style shoreline.

Your visit to Miami will not be complete without a short visit to the 1,200 foot sandy beach of Lake Worth Municipal Beach. Many tourists go there to enjoy the beachfront and do some Miami-style shopping there; not to mention that it’s a good time to stuff their tummies with delicious delicacies too!

Miami shopping jungle

It’s really a jungle of pedestrians out there on Lincoln Road mall! Lincoln Road Mall is a street mall with as many specialty shops offering a wide range of products and services as your imagination can take you. This Miami shopping attraction is consistently filled with people from all walks of life – from locals to foreigners. Funky, stylish, sexy, electronic, specialty gifts, you name it, this Miami shopping attraction has it. Lincoln Road Mall stretches over 8 blocks and is a well-known people-watching spot in Miami.

Other places you cannot miss in Miami, especially if you’re a shopaholic, are Bal Harbor Shops, Cocowalk and the Miracle Mile in Miami.

Miami offers spiced-up version of nature

Don’t leave Miami without visiting some of the back-to-nature parks and centers here. For example, the Miami Seaquarium is the home of the famous Killer Whale Lolita and Flipper, star of the popular TV show. While the Miami Seaquarium offers a wide range of aquatic animals, the Miami Metrozoo is a first-class zoo to a myriad of animals ranging from zoos, tigers, bears, komodo dragons, okapis, bears, lizards, snakes, etc.

Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Resort Vacation Packages

When planning a Disneyland Resort vacation in California, buying your hotel and theme park tickets as part of a package deal will sometimes save you money and oftentimes add benefits that would be unavailable to you if you bought these two items separately. The following sites offer Disneyland packages for you to consider.

1. The Disneyland Resort website offers two vacation packages for your visit to the theme parks. The packages are booked through the Walt Disney Travel Company. The first package allows you to stay at one of the three Disneyland Resort hotels and includes multi-day theme park tickets based on the number of days that you are staying.

These hotels are located on the Disneyland Resort property and include the Paradise Pier Hotel, the Grand Californian Hotel and Spa and the Disneyland Hotel. Look for discounts and specials during the slower times of the year. Some of the added guest benefits include one Magic Morning entry (an hour before Disneyland opens to the general public) during your stay, a private entrance into Disney’s California Adventure park, access to securing a ticket to the World of Color water show 30 minutes before the general public, Character wake-up calls, Character meals at each hotel, and a close location to both theme parks as well as Downtown Disney. The second package allows you to stay at one of Disneyland’s “Good Neighbor” hotels, some of which are located right across the street from the Disneyland Resort. This package also includes multi-day theme park tickets based on the number of days that you are staying.

Added benefits include one Magic Morning entry, Character calls, priority seating at some of the shows in Disney’s California Adventure Park, Disney luggage tags, early entry into Mickey’s Toontown in Disneyland Park and a souvenir lanyard and pin. There are also discounts and specials available at times during the off-season.

2. Costco Travel has travel packages available to the Disneyland Resort for Costco members. To see what they are currently offering, visit the Costco website and click on Costco Travel or call 1-877-849-2730.

3. “Triple A” often has Disneyland package deals for their automobile club members. In addition to deals on theme park tickets and lodging, they also offer discounts on restaurants, Disney tours, Disney character meals and more.

4. Dreams Unlimited Travel is an online travel agency that specializes in Disneyland Resort package deals. In addition to discounts on lodging and travel, they also offer discounted tickets to Disney character meals and more.

5. Small World Vacations is another online travel agency that specializes in Disney packages. They also are a good source for discounts on Disneyland character meals.

There may be other travel agencies that can help you plan your Disneyland vacation. If you do some comparison shopping in advance, you should be able to come up with a Disneyland vacation package that fits your group’s individual needs.