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"Gates of Hell" in Karakum Desert

People may not know of a small village called Davarza. It is located in the Karakum Desert in Turkmenistan. It is just a small village which has about 350 inhabitants. However, it is not a bad idea to spend your holiday in Davarza. There are amazing sites in the middle of Turkmenistan which can give you a fascinating experience. There is a unique wonder of the world isolated in the [...]


Travel Destination: Fiji

Are you planning to spend your next holiday in Fiji? You should consider coming to one of the beautiful natural attraction in Fiji scattered throughout the island. There are places such unique natural caves, rivers and valleys are perfect for observing the wonderful diversity of nature. To have a trip to Fiji must be unforgettable. Do not worry for the accommodation, because you can get many Inns or hotels in [...]


Mosque around the World

The population of Muslim in the world has reached over 1.6 billion. It means about 23.4% people in the world are Muslim. Therefore, Islam has got the 2nd largest adherents compared with other religions. Based upon The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, the countries that have got the largest Muslim in the world are Indonesia (12.7 %), Pakistan (11.0 %), India (10.9 %), and Bangladesh (9.2 %), Egypt [...]


Disneyland Around The World

Your precious children maybe the biggest fans of Mickey Mouse, or even yourself were used to be the loyal fans of Disney’s famous characters such as Aladdin and Cinderella. Have you ever thought that you and your whole family going to the place where those characters live? And how about finding them in a theme park? These things you can figure these out in Disneyland, the land of all Disney’s [...]


Interesting Facts About Indonesia for New Visitors

Indonesia is the biggest country in South- East Asia, and boosts of one of the most diverse cultures, and environments in the World- In a few hours you could have walked in a coffee plantation, visited a volcano, and bought the latest phone in a Mall. What are the seven interesting facts, about Indonesia? 1. Bali is in Indonesia Most people have heard of Bali, but rarely know where Indonesia [...]


Saint Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine Welcome to St. Augustine – the oldest European settled city in North America! St. Augustine has old world charm with 21st century conveniences, shopping, ethnically diverse restaurants, family fun, and romance. We love this city! Start your visit with a stop at the Visitor Center on San Marco Avenue. Then walk through the old city gates and stroll down St. George Street to partake of what St. Augustine [...]


Holiday in Bangkok

Bangkok Girls, Nightlife in Bangkok Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is a cosmopolitan city endowed with ethnic beauty and social vitality. Emerging with fast-paced development, the city renders a unique charisma that can impress everyone’s heart and mind. Exploring its opulent temple steeples, glittering shopping arcades and hulking skyscrapers, which stand beside of tented food stalls and small street-side shops, will make you realize just how overwhelming your choices are. [...]


Holiday in Delhi

Connaught Place The definition of India can be found in its capital city Delhi. A magnificent place which attracted many different rulers and many left their distinct mark in the form of various architectural heritages. There are many tour operators in Delhi and rightly so, Delhi has many places to see and also is close to many hill stations and various other tourist spots. Some of the must see place [...]


Holiday in Karnataka

The 320 km long stretch of coastline is dotted with a number of palm-fringed beaches. Carpets of silver sands, awesome cold breeze, azure blue waters makes these beaches important getaways of Karnataka. Karwar Beach (Uttara Kannada District) Karwar Beach Karwar is one of the most well-liked beaches of Karnataka. The Karwar beach in Uttara Kannada district is bestowed with a number of wonderful sightseeing, with 300 year old ancient Temple [...]


10 Amazing Christmas Things You Can Do in London

Christmas in London You will have much fun and merriment this Christmas. London is full of incredible festive activities and seasonal fun. Here’s just a few of the capital’s most amazing Christmas events for you to try. Compete in a Christmas pudding race Could you balance a Christmas pudding on a tray while you dash around an obstacle course in the Covent Garden Piazza? Could you do it if you [...]