If you love the vino, you’ll love South America. Chile and Argentina are wine producing powerhouses, both for Latin America and globally. The best way to enjoy these intoxicating delights is during a South American wine tour to Argentina and Chile.

Start your sipping adventure in Santiago, the capital of Chile. This is where you’ll find Chile’s best restaurants, so you’ll be able to enjoy the taste of wine in class and style. While you’re here, you should visit the highlights of the city, which include the main cathedral, city hall, and the National Historic Museum. During your second day in Chile, head to the coast to visit Valparaiso and Vina del Mar. This bohemian area is a great contrast to the modern Santiago.

Now, let the vineyard visits begin! After you see Chile’s central highlights, head into the Elqui Valley, which surrounds the town of La Serena. This region is famous for its productive orchards, lush fields, and of course, its rich vineyards. Take the time to visit some smaller villages, such as Algarrobito and El Molle, to appreciate Chilean rural life.

After you’ve tasted everything Chile has to offer, it is time to take a trip to Argentina. Mendoza is the main wine region in Argentina, producing around 80 percent of all of Argentina’s wine. The main grape grown in Mendoza is the Criolla Grande, which accounts for a third of all grapes in Argentina. These grapes actually produce relatively low quality wines, but these wines are what fill the table wine glasses across Argentina – and they are almost as delicious as the pricier products.

When you first arrive in Mendoza, be sure to take the time to appreciate the town and its beauty. A Mendoza city tour is a high quality Argentina tour option, and during it you’ll visit the historic center as well as the Cerro de la Gloria hill. Be sure to venture into the surrounding countryside. Blanco Encalada offers great views of the area, as does the summit of Cerro Negro.

And of course, you must visit the vineyards. Mendoza is surrounded by nearly one thousand vineyards, so you’ll have plenty of excursion options. You may even choose to spend the night at one of the vineyards to see how life works out in the country.

If you’re lucky enough to be traveling in March, you can participate in the La Vendimia festival, the wine and grape festivals for which Mendoza is famous. This week-long event is packed with parades, street fairs, and of course, lots of wine drinking.

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