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Best Places For Mountain Climbing in India

Best Places For Mountain Climbing in India

Best Places For Mountain Climbing in India

Owing to good distribution of great climbing rocks throughout the Himalayas, conquering the mighty Himalayan peaks is the most cherished dream of every mountain climbing enthusiasts. The sight of the unreachable mountains, the stillness of the moaning breeze and the freezing cold weather of the Himalayas simply spellbinds these adventure lovers and make them passionately fall in love with this adventure sport.

Mountain climbing in India has not only turned out to be just another adventure sport but it is also one of the most popular activities for adventure tourism in India. You simply need to acquire the basic skills of mountain climbing and have the right approach before setting out on a peak climbing expedition in India.

India offers you a vital range of mountain climbing opportunities on its challenging peaks. Peaks like the Nun-Kun Massif in Jammu and Kashmir, Spiti and Lahaul in Himachal Pradesh and the sheer straight mountains of Gharwal and Kumaon regions in Uttrakhand, are some of the perfect destinations that must be explored when you are on an adventure trip to India.

The 3200 Km long range of the Himalayas hold the treasures of splendid mountains, peaks and valleys all showcasing their eternal charm. The state of Jammu & Kashmir has some of the most charming snow capped peaks, while the Ladakh region grabs the attention of mountain climbers by being home to some of the high altitude peaks present in India. On a peak climbing expedition in these regions you will get to see flower strewn meadows, river streams with glacier topped mountains and green alpine vales.

Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh (Lahaul, Spiti and the tribal belt of Kinnaur) are two other northern states in India which offers wonderful peaks for peak climbing. If you choose to climb these peaks you will get awed with the beauty and exquisite haunts of these less explored regions.

The north-eastern states of India are also a paradise for mountain climbing in India. The third highest mountain of the world, the Kanchenjunga peak is located here in Sikkim and it is one of the most favorite destinations for mountain climbers set on a peak climbing expedition in India. You can see here captivating sight of high altitude rain forests dotted with spurs and pine trees. Vale Tourism.

An Extraordinary Experience in Ladakh Trekking Tour


ladakh tourism

ladakh tourism

Nestled in gigantic Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges, Ladakh region is a wealthy asset from the mother nature. Situated in the northern most state of India Jammu Kashmir, Ladakh is a mesmerising tourism destination. Endowed with fabulous geographical beauties, Ladakh is one of the most popular trekking destinations in South Asia. The extreme conditions be it weather or geography, mere an idea of trekking at this destination thrills an adventure lover. It’s often said that trekkers bewildered by the enchanting beauty of this place are compelled to trek here. Ladakh, complimented by appalling temperatures and high mountainous pictures, is considered as main Buddhist hub since 3rd century AD. In spite of advent of Islamic and British cultures, Ladakh retained its glorious culture and beauty. The groups of gompas residing at this place marvel the experience of trekking Ladakh.

Ladakh trekking is an amazing experience as the steep valleys and rivers at this destination brings out the best of your trekking skills. Trekking at Ladakh is not just an adventure but a journey of learning and understanding. You will get to explore several cultures, Ladakh lifestyle and cuisines. The learning experience is seriously amazing. The people thronging here in great numbers cherish memories of every second spent over here. Trekkers are tempted with peaks and Ladakh and Zanskar series. Spituk to Markha dale, Lamayuru Gompa to Chilling and Likir to Temisgam, Stok Kangri trek, Nubra Valley hike, Trans Zanskar ramble, Rupshu vale trail are some new additions to Ladakh trekking prospects.

While you trek Ladakh, you get to explore some of the incomparable valleys and scenery such as Spituk-Markha Valley, Laayury gompa, Chilling, Likir, Temisgam and many more. The conditions will make you believe why Darwin coined the idea of survival of the fittest. In Ladakh, the nature is going to test you. Your courage, ability to deal with unique conditions and other challenges ensure you are enjoying best Ladakh treking tour.

To have best trekking experience, you need to hire a good tour and travel operator. A proficient operator will ensure a good time in Ladakh. They will provide end-to-end guidance along with perhaps amenities you will require during Ladakh trekking tour. To get more out of the Ladakh experience, you need to prepare bit for the tour. Prepare your bag with right kind of clothes and things such as sunscreen lotion. Having ample knowledge of Ladakh tour itinerary will help you enjoy a lot more. It is Vale tourism.

Trekking ladakh

Trekking ladakh

Tourism in Jammu and Kashmir an Interesting

jammu tourism

jammu tourism

Jammu & Kashmir is the northernmost state of India. Situated mostly in the mighty Himalayan mountains it is the crown of India. It is the land where nature has blessed it with immense scenic beauty. It is the land where the misty morning sprawls over the snow-capped mountain peaks. It is the land where the sunlight gives a gentle touch to the forests, valleys, and mountains. It there is a heaven on the earth, it is here in the picturesque land of Jammu & Kashmir. Right – Kashmir is described as the Paradise on the Earth. With extraordinary natural beauty, scenic places, picturesque landscapes, gorgeous valleys, snow-clad mountain peaks and lots of attractions tourism in Jammu & Kashmir will never fail to fascinate you. The beauty of Kashmir will surely grab your heart.

There are many interesting tourist the entertaintment places and deserving destinations in this picturesque Indian state. Some of most important tourist places and destinations are Kashmir, Srinagar, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Jammu and Ladakh. The entire state is divided into three major regions namely Kashmir Valley, Jammu and Ladakh. Srinagar, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Sonamarg, and Amarnath are hot destinations in the vale of Kashmir.

Srinagar is the capital city of the state. Dal Lake, Deluxe Houseboats, Shikaras, Manasbal Lake, and Mughal Gardens (Shalimar Bagh and Nishat Bagh) are major attractions in Srinagar you will love to visit and explore.

Gulmarg is a popular hill station. Nestled within the majestic Himalayan peaks, it receives heavy snowfall during winter season. It has emerged as one of the finest ski resorts in the world. It attracts a large number of ski and winter sport lovers from all over the world. It is also known for “Gulmarg Gondola,” the highest cable car in the world.

Pahalgam (the village of Shepherds) is a popular tourist destination in the vale of Kashmir. It offers breathtaking views. It is a right destination for nature lovers, peace seekers, trekkers and honeymooners. Tourists can relax here at picturesque nature bless sport or enjoy snow skiing & winter sports during the winter months. Tourists can also enjoy horse riding the picturesque valley of Pahalgam.

Sonamarg (the meadow of gold) is a town and beautiful tourist destination in the vale of Kashmir. It offers breathtaking views and known for scenic backdrops, snowy mountains against clear azure sky. The cool and cheerful climate creates right and amiable ambiance for vacationers. Amarnath Cave Temple is very popular among Hindu devotees.

The region of Jammu is known for Vaishno Devi Temple, Patnitop hill station, Punj Old Fort, Bhimgarh Fort, Ramnagar Fort, etc. Mantalai and Shivkhori are popular places for eco-tourism in Jammu region.

The region of Ladakh in Kashmir is sought after among tourists for many regions. Travelers can see here many Buddhist monasteries. They can enjoy lots of adventure activities. They can enjoy trekking and hiking in Zanskar Valley. Leh, Nubra Valley, Lake Moriri, Pangong Lake, Zanskar, etc are popular tourist destinations in Ladakh. Leh, the capital of Ladakh, is famous for various magnificent monasteries. Nubra Valley is known for scenic beauty and many scenic trekking trails. Zanskar has many scenic trekking trails and areas. Adventure enthusiasts from all over the world embark of ladakh tours to enjoy some mountain adventure activities.

In fact, Kashmir Ladakh tours will never fail to lure you as you have amazing tourism opportunity and lots of attractions to enjoy vale tourism.

tourism kashmir

tourism kashmir

Unique places in Marrakech

Unique places in Marrakech

Marrakech is known to be a city with rich Islamic history and it can be seen from the city architecture. If you set your foot in Marrakech, you can see buildings and houses with its distinctive Islamic architecture. The layout of the city itself is really unique and different with any other big cities in the world. In here, you can feel like travelling back in time. The ambiance, the people and the city layout create the world that is different from any modern city you have ever seen.

Medina of Marrakech is one example of sacred and unique site in this city. Back in the 11th century, Medina is known to be Islamic capital city and many important Islamic events happened in this city. There are many important historical structures built in Medina such as the ramparts and gates which made from pinkish clay, The Koutoubia Mosque, The Saadian Tombs, Ben Youssef Madrassa and the huge Djemaa El-Fna Squares. Almost all of the tourists who come to Medina will visit Djemaa El-Fna. This huge town square is Medina center of activity day and night. Within the day you can see orange juice’s stall, water seller and snake charmers. As the sun hide and the moon shows up, the entertainment changes into a more unique one. You can see dancing boys, story teller, traditional medicine seller and more food stalls as more people coming to this square.

If you are a photographic addict and spend your holiday in Marrakech, you would want to visit Maison de la Photographie. This museum is located on 46, Rue souk Ahal Fes and opens everyday from 09.30 AM to 07.00 PM. This museum is first opened on 2009 and holds vast collections of photographs from period 1862 to 1950 and the theme of the photograph is about the daily life of Morocco. This museum holds more than 5.000 photos collections and 2,000 glass plates. The architecture of the museum is simple yet very charming, it makes you feel like you are walking in someone’s house and seeing their activity picture on a wall. This museum also has a terrace on top of the floor where you can eat while enjoying the view of Marrakech. If you are interested in some of the photograph inside, this museum also provide you with the reproduction of the photo.

Jardin Majorelle or Majorelle Garden is a botanical garden that located in Rue Yves Saint Laurent, Marrakech. This garden is designed by Jacques Majorelle, a French artist during the period when Morocco was a protectorate of France. Perhaps because the designer of this garden is a painter, so the garden itself is colored and designed just like coming out from a picture. Most of the structure inside this garden is painted in blue, and the composition is very beautiful until some people say that this garden is the masterpiece of Jacques Majorelle. This garden also has a museum inside called the Islamic Art Museum where you can see textiles from Saint Lauren’s personal collection and also other things such as ceramics and jewelry, some of Majorelle paintings also become the exhibit in this museum.

Glorious Building in New Delhi

Glorious Building in New Delhi

As New Delhi known to be a heavily populated area with its growing business, this city is full with skyscrapers and business districts making it alive day and night. If you take a look a bit closer to the city, you still can see that despite all those modern buildings, the remnants of India’s glorious past is still intact in New Delhi. Spend your holiday in New Delhi and you can see some magnificent buildings world ever known.

The first structure would be the Swaminarayan Akshardham or simply means the Temple of God. This temple is open in 2005 and has 9 domes, 20 towers, 234 pillars and more than 20.000 figurines from various India mythologies. Located in National Highway 24, Near Noida More, New Delhi, this temple is known to be the largest Hindu Temple in the world. The outer wall of this temple is decorated with pink sand while the interior is using white marbles; in Hindu, pink symbolize the love for God and white symbolize absolute purity and peace. More outstanding feature of this temple is the laser show and musical fountain on its park. The laser show that takes place in this lotus shape fountain is telling about the cycle of birth, life and death that happen in human life.

The next structure is known to be the symbol of India, the Lal Quila or Red Fort which is a 17th century fort complex built as a palace when India’s capital city is changed from Agra to Delhi. The name Lal Quila is coming from the material that was used for this fort, which is the red stone. Located on the banks of Yamuna River, the Red Fort has become the most visited site in India. You can visit this fort from either 2 entrances, the Delhi Gate or the Lahore Gate. The Lahore gate is the main entrance of the fort and it will directly lead you to Chata Chowk, an ancient bazaar street and also the drum house, a room that used to be the place where musicians play their music every day. Within this fort area, you can see Moonlight Garden or Mehtab Bagh. It is called Moonlight Garden because it is full with flowers that blossomed during moonlight.

The third structure would be an eye catching monument that can be seen from any part of New Delhi, the Qutab Minar. This monument is 234 feet high and has 5 distinct stories and each of them is marked with a balcony. The first until third stories is made by red sandstone while the last 2 stories are made using marbles and sandstone. There is a very steep stair inside the tower but now it is closed for visitor because there was an accident happened inside that cause deaths. This tower is also an example of Mughal Masterpiece, not only because of the height but also the inscriptions on the wall of the tower. At the base of the tower is the first mosque in India called the Quwwat Ul Islam Masjid.


Budget Destination This Holiday Season in Kathmandu

Hidden temples overflowing with marigolds, courtyards full of drying chilies and rice, and tiny hobbit-sized workshops embedded within a developing-world city that rushing into a modern era of concrete and traffic with the grand scenery of the Himalayas. Those are the views that you could only experience in the city of Kathmandu. This capital city of Nepal is surrounded by valleys filled with many historic sites, ancient temples and shrines, as well as an impressive village true to its tradition. Mingle along with the locals and animals amidst Durbar Square monuments, browse the shops to find interesting works from local artisans or join the fans of cross-country mountain lover in the bustling Thamel district. Whatever you do, spending your holiday in Khatmandu can be an intoxicating, amazing and exhausting experience you’ll never regret.

Kathmandu is the largest city as well as the capital of Nepal, which its name is derived from the Kathmandu Valley which the city is located. Once thought to be the fabled and inaccessible Shangri-La, Kathmandu is now a hub for independent travelers as well as a growing vacation spot catering to all budgets.
Getting to Khatmandu is practically easy. Most flights to Kathmandu arrive in Tribhuvan International Airport, the largest and the only International airport in Nepal, via Delhi or gulf countries such as UAE & Qatar, or Bangkok. For the best round trip, flight rate is under $1,700 USD for the 17 hours flight. It is best to take connections in Bangkok or Delhi. You may also arrive in Khatmandu via cheap bus service from nearly all parts of Nepal. Unfortunately, the buses are some of the slowest and least comfortable in South Asia due to poor roads and frequent delays. However, you may be able to see countless extremely beautiful sights by looking out the side windows of the bus.

Once you get in, there are a whole plethora of things you can do or see in Kathmandu. Whatever you do, Make sure to hit all three Durbar Squares in Kathmandu Valley. Durbar Square is the plaza opposite the old royal palace in the three main cities in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal: Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. There is a $10USD fee to enter that goes to the preservation and restoration of these uniquely beautiful and sacred landmarks. They are the best places to see the old Nepali architecture and the first place travelers should visit. Other places might be worth to visit as well. Buddhist stupa of Swoyambhunath and Bouddhanath or the Lord Shiva’s temple of Pashupatinath with a tiered golden roof and silver doors might be a good choice.

In almost every corner of Kathmandu, you will always be able to feed yourself a food named “MoMo”. It’s a delicious, juicy and mouth watering steamed dumpling that is good for all. Mostly it is stuffed with meat and you can order it from various expensive hotels to local street eatings in Kathmandu. If you are looking for a good and cheap place to stay, there are Hotel Silver Home, Shree Tibet Family Guest House, and Hotel Florid Nepal which are the recommended accommodations. And if you wanted to buy some souvenirs, remember that everything is negotiable in Khatmandu. If you want the best deal, my advice is always be prepared to walk away, as there are many people offering similar products and services with varying prices.

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Diving in Gili Selang

Diving the Express of Gili Selang

The island of Bali has been known for its natural beauty. Known as the land of the gods or Dewata Island, Bali Island indeed has many visitors attracted to what this tropical island in the archipelagic country of Indonesia could offer. Although it may seem unlikely, diving in Bali has became one of the most sought after activities by visitors. Boasting many interesting dive sites for all kinds of divers, Bali is indeed in its way into becoming world’s top diving destinations. This, of course, is aided by its unique dive site such as one in Gili Selang.

The small island of Gili Selang lies on Bali’s furthest eastern tip and its relatively isolated location made it as a popular choice on live aboard cruises for diving in Bali. To get there, you only need 45 minutes riding from Padangbai on the east coast. In the small islet of Gili Selang there is a home for some excellent dive sites. The reefs closest to Amed have the gentlest currents in the area and are ideal for less experienced divers where they usually enter from in front of the nearby village in the protected eddy near the rock. As you drift near the island’s outer face you will find a wall covered with the beautiful soft corals. Here divers can experience some of the best Bali has to offer when it comes to macro life, and you can dive along coral covered walls, where reef sharks patrol and colorful fish approaching.

A little further down the coast from Amed, reachable with snorkeling equipment, lays a small wreck where napoleon fish, turtles, striped catfish and sting rays can be seen. And as you come near Gili Selang, the current picks up and can be very strong around the small island. The diving site around the island are located where the full force of the Indonesian Throughflow makes its presence known, where you could potentially find yourself in some of the strongest currents you could possibly imagine and exposed to the very dangerous “downdrafts”. This happens when the brute force of the Indonesian Throughflow hits the north-east flank of the island and creates a veritable maelstrom, and causes a mighty downdraft. It is recommended to have a suitable boat and staff who are used to handling divers in Gili Selang areas.

Diving in Giling Selang Island might be hard for less experienced divers. The diving site is known as “The Express” where it enjoys a similar legendary status to “the Magnet” and “the Cathedral” at Belongas Bay in South Lombok, where only “hard-core” divers seek it out as a place that will both offer challenges and thrills in equal measures.

As the current from the Indonesian Throughflow may made it dangerous, it also means that you can see beautiful soft corals, gorgonian fans, barrel sponges and bommies nourished by those nutrient rich waters here in Gili Selang. With the depth reached about 10 – 40 m, expect visibility of 20-25 m and the water temperature is between 20°C and 30°C. All the typical reef fish, bat fish, octopus, a variety of small crabs, many different nudibranches, turtles, whitetip reef sharks, tunas and mackerels can be seen. Yellow-Margin Morays, schooling Big Eye Trevally, cuttlefish, and Pygmy Seahorses can be seen on the Gorgonian sea fans. It is also rumored that the swift currents of Gili Selang attract unusual giant fishes such as trevally, grey reef sharks and the rumored hammerhead sharks.

Holiday in Bandung

Things to Do in Bandung

One of the famous touristic cities in Indonesia is Bandung. Since the first, Bandung is still being a favorite place for tourists on vacation. In addition to proximity, access to Bandung is easy and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to go to Bandung. The city which famous with Paris Van Java has many interesting places that you need to visit as a reference for your vacation. Let’s check this article about holiday in Bandung.

A lot of things can be done to spend your holiday in Bandung, starting from shopping in outlets center to walking around through Bandung. You can also do other things in Bandung such as nature tourism at Kawah Putih, Tangkuban Perahu Mountain, Zoo, Ciater Hot Spring, Patengan lake, Ganesha Park, Garden City Hall, Taman Makam Pahlawan, Curug Cimahi, Curug Dago, Curug Omas; culinary tourism at Dago Market, Warung bandrek “warban” sekejolan, Dago tea house.

Tourist can also visit tourist places which have fun things such as Kampong Gajah, Arug Jeram Citarum, Gedung Sate, Trans Studio Bandung, and Factory Outlet in Dago, Cihampelas, and Riau Street. For tourists who want to increase their knowledge can visit science and technology of the new city of Puspa Parahyangan, Padepokan Dayang Sumbi, The Post Museum, Monument Bosscha Binocular, Desert of Otto Iskandar Dinata Monument, Geology Museum, and Conference Asia- Afrika Museum. For tourists who want to know the history of Bandung can visit the Kedan Kingdom Sites, Legend of Ciung Wanara Sites, Saung Angklung Udjo, and Braga Street . And for those tourists who love the natural beauty of Bandung can visit Dago hills, Strawberry Garden Parongpong, Alam persawahan padalarang. You can also capture the scenery with hunting nature panoramic photo of Bandung. For you who want camping can visit Bumi Perkemahan Cikole. It is no wonder if on weekend visitors often have destiny of Bandung to congestion occurs particularly in tourist areas.

So that your holiday in Bandung trip fun, please note a few things as follow.

  1. Please check your vehicle before travelling. It is intended to reduce the risk of accidents due to vehicle damage.
  2. Find your destination first. This information includes tourist information’s, operational hours, ticket price, etc.
  3. Bring personal medicines and supplies as needed. It is intended that you can get first aid in case of something dangerous.

Holiday in Bandung is not only fun but also provide a lot of knowledge. Wherever you go in Bandung, prioritizing your health and safety. Hope the information above helpful and happy holiday in Bandung.


One Night in Burj Khalifa

We know that everyone wishes a memorable vacation in some special places. But, have you ever gone to a place that gives you more than extraordinary holiday? If you still wonder what it is, let’s take a look to the tallest skyscraper in the world, Burj Khalifa. The name of the skyscraper is taken from Arabic language ‘Burj Khlaifa’ which means ‘Khalifa Tower’. This tower which lay on dessert offers you its great height at 2,716.5 or 828 meters. Thus, you will feel as though flew to the sky. So, when you visit Dubai, don’t miss the Burj Khalifa as one of the most spectacular tourists destinations in the world that gives tourists the beyond imagination holiday. It is located in the centre of Dubai where people all around the world savor the most sumptuous tourist attractions here.

If you are only spend one night in Burj Khalifa, it is still would be the most wondrous holiday ever because when you decide to go to the top of it, on level 124, you will use its elevator that has got 10 meters per second in speed. Therefore, it will take no time to reach there. Then, when you have arrived, there are some telescopes which convey the prodigious scenes of lavish living on desert to your eyes. Yet, the scenes are also seen directly with your bare eyes, because you can walk around and exploring Dubai from above with its crystal clear glass walls. Beside viewing the marvelous views, you also can buy some souvenirs to bring home. The other things you should have while visiting this skyscraper are the boutique, the park, and the hotel Burj Khalifa.

One of the luxurious hotels in Dubai is Armani Hotel Dubai which lay on the Burj Khalifa skyscraper. Is the hotel has got any relation to the famous brand Giorgio Armani? Yes it is! This hotel is the first hotel that created by Giorgio Armani. When you stay in the hotel, you will get not only a posh place to stay, but also feeling its Armani fashion sense. If you stay in this hotel means you can visit the other exclusive places in Dubai easily by walking. The Armani hotel also provides its guests with some facilities such as fitness centre, outdoor swimming pool, Spa, and many more. Yet, if you have got a little time, just choose the Immediate Entry Admission. When you purchase its ticket, you can go to the top anytime you want without standing for minutes in a queue. The price of the tickets are based upon your age and it can be bought in the ticket office that near to its entrance.

Bring your loved ones, mates, or family to feel what it feels like to reach the sky without imagining having wings as a bird has or taking a plane to see Dubai spectacular scenery from above. Burj Khalifa presents you the new experiences vacation, and perhaps the best holiday ever in your entire life. Welcome to Dubai and enjoy standing at the top by visiting the Burj Khalifa skyscraper!

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kelimutu mountain

Kelimutu Mountain, Indonesia

Are you a great hiker? Or are you a traveler who interested in adventuring mountains? If you are both of them, then you should not miss this great mountain in Indonesia, Kelimutu Mountain. This Mountain is located in province of Nusa Tenggara Timur. Kelimutu Mountain is one of the active volcanoes in Indonesia that lies in Pemo Village, Ende Regency, Flores Island. The mountain that has the height of more than 1600 meters is well popular for its three lakes located on its top. The lakes are unique as they came in different colors; red, blue and white. These three lakes are well known as Danau Tiga Warna, which means the three colors lake. However, the three lakes do not appear in the colors of red, blue, and white only, they can also appear in any other colors as the time goes by.

Kelimutu Mountain is the main volcano in Flores Island that is full of uniqueness and splendid views. Besides it has the spectacular beauty of the three lakes of Danau Tiga Warna, the mountain that is also called Kelimutu Tiwu Telu by the local villagers is considered sacred and has received a blessing from the God that gives fertility to the surrounding regions. Moreover, Kelimutu Mountain has also become a national park surrounded by lush forest with many kinds of rare plants such as Kayu Merah and Edelweis, rare fauna such as giant rat and some kinds of birds.

To get to the Kelimutu Mountain, you can take a 2-hour riding by car from Ende to Moni Village. You can use a rented car from there. Most visitors who want to climb Kelimutu stay in Moni Village. Do not worry, there are many hotels built in this village, so you can stay here for a while before continuing your journey to the top of Kelimutu Mountain. If you are a sunrise hunter, then you have to wake up at 4 am in the next morning, to continue climbing to the top of the mountain. Climbing Kelimutu Mountain will not be as hard as climbing Mountain Rinjani in Lombok. However, the cold air will be a challenge for those who love natural sights. Besides that, the distance between the village and the top of the mountain is about 13 km, which will definitely increase the challenge of climbing the mountain. Therefore, make sure you are well prepared with perfect stamina before climbing to the top. At dawn, the amazing beauty of Danau Tiga Warna blends with the spectacular view of the sun rising. The mist and the cold air give another exclusive experience to the tourist arriving at the top of Kelimutu Mountain. It takes some hours until the sun exalts to get a perfect view of the beautiful three lakes of Kelimutu.

Kelimutu is definitely an amazing mountain in Eastern part of Indonesia. The different three colors of Danau Tiga Warna become a special attraction there. Besides that, to support the attraction, the local villagers around Kelimutu have built a number of hotels, handicraft centers, culinary tourism centers, and many other attractive places. If you are a true hiker, visiting Kelimutu Mountain and enjoying the great views of sunrise as well as Danau Tiga Warna are good challenges to accept. Are you brave enough?

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