Move to Manly, Sydney - New South Wales, Australia

Move to Manly, Sydney – New South Wales, Australia

Move to Manly, Sydney – New South Wales, Australia

Manly is North Sydney’s most famous for beaches. A popular slogan for the suburb is ‘seven miles from Sydney, a thousand miles from care’ Named after the ‘manly’ gestures of the local indigenous Kay-ye-my clan, the suburb was developed by Europeans in the mid 19th century, and promoted to prospective migrants as ‘the Brighton of the South Pacific’. Manly is now a suburb with high rises dotted along the waterfronts and commercial activity centred on the Corso Plaza. As a resort suburb, the Manly economy is based on tourism and related services. The area’s function as a resort has also meant that, from the 1920s on, around half of Manly’s population has been temporary or semi- permanent.

Property value in Manly is amongst the highest in Australia- high even compared to other Sydney suburbs. The Median house price in Manly is $1,960,000 according to figures from May 2010, the price for a unit, just under a million.

Surfing culture is strong in Manly, with international surfing tournaments held there often. Kayaking, Sailing, Yachting, Beach Volleyball, and Biking are all popular sports in the suburb. Rugby League is represented in Manly by their famous team the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles.

Parents of gifted children might like to secure them a place at the Manly Selective campus- part of the Northern beaches Secondary College (you do need permanent resident status to apply for the selective schools). The Makellar Girls Campus of Northern Beaches also has an excellent reputation. Other schools in the area include the Manly Vale and Manly Village Public Schools and the Stella Maris Catholic Girls High School. Vale Tourism.

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