Auburn Gallipoli Mosque

The population of Muslim in the world has reached over 1.6 billion. It means about 23.4% people in the world are Muslim. Therefore, Islam has got the 2nd largest adherents compared with other religions. Based upon The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, the countries that have got the largest Muslim in the world are Indonesia (12.7 %), Pakistan (11.0 %), India (10.9 %), and Bangladesh (9.2 %), Egypt (4.9 %), Nigeria (4.7 %), Iran (4.6%), Turkey (4.6 %), Aljazeera (2.1%), and Morocco (2.0 %). Muslim people pray five times a day, and they pray in mosque, musholla (a small size of mosque or a small public place where Muslim pray), their own house, or their bedroom. Mosque has got crucial role to facilitate Muslim who are travelling outside city or country. It is also the only place where Muslim come in droves to pray for Idul Fitri and Idul Adha commemoration and frequently used for praying someone who has already died. Nowadays, mosque around the world is widespread and makes its adherents seeking the place of worship during travelling or staying abroad is much easier.

In Asian countries, there are many mosques which are built to provide places of worship for the citizens and tourist, such as some famous mosques in some Asian countries; Istiqlal Mosque (Jakarta, Indonesia), Niujie Mosque (Beijing, China), Kobe Mosque (Kobe, Japan), Masjid Sultan (Singapore), Seoul Central Mosque (Seoul, Korea), Baan Haw (Chiang Mai, Thailand), Al-Dahab Mosque (Manila, Philipine), etc. For those who are Muslim, they could visit or stay in an Asian country they choose. These countries have many tourist destinations, well-developed education, job opportunities, and business fields you might look for.

Now, let us move to European countries that also have some mosques to pray in. As the growth of Muslim in European countries become larger, the amount of mosques also bigger. For example, there are two mosques in France; Paris Mosque in Paris and Grand Mosque of Évry in Évry. When you visit Italy, German, Russia, or United Kingdom, you will find the most visited mosques such as Baitul Futuh (London, United Kingdom), Mosque Rome in (Rome, Italy), Khadija Mosque (Berlin, German), Qolsharif Mosque (Kazan,Russia) and Moscow Cathedral Mosque (Moscow, Russia).

If you are considering visiting some African countries, you also do not be afraid about finding mosque because you will come across some mosques during having adventure in African countries. Some mosques you will find are Al-Zaytuna Mosque (Tunis, Tunisia), Great Mosque of Algiers & Ketchaoua Mosque (both located in Algiers, Algeria), Mosque of Ibn Tulun (Cairo, Egypt), and many more. These mosques basically located in the major cities of African countries, so you will find them easily.

The last continents that have some mosques are the American and Australian continents. In America there are many adherents of Islam. So, you could find a lot of mosques such as Islamic Center of Washington in Washington, Mosque Maryam in Chicago, Tucson Islamic Center in Tucson, etc. Therefore, even though America has got tough western style, it has got many American Muslims and Muslims who come from foreign countries. Then, in Australia you will not only find many Australian who could speak Bahasa Indonesia or eat Indonesian foods, but also find two mosques which are provided for Muslim community. You could find the Mosques in Sydney, Auburn Gallipoli Mosque (Auburn) and Lakemba Mosque (Lakemba).

It would be great if you still comply with your religious obligation to fulfil the religious needs during travelling or staying in around the world. Therefore, you would have delighted and blessed holiday. So, there is nothing you have to worry to travel around the world, because the mosque around the world would be your endowed place for you to pray to God.

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