Places to visit in Durban

Places to visit in Durban

Africa will never cease to amaze you, it is like every city in this country is truly beautiful in its own way and whose beauty seems to be ageless and never fade over time. As the third largest city and the busiest port in South Africa, Durban is also one of the most visited cities in South Africa. The city subtropical climate and the beaches seem to be the best place for tourist to stop by and enjoy the scenery. Other than the beaches, other places the tourist would visit while they spend their holiday in Durban is the city magnificent building such as the Moses Mabhida Stadium, uShaka Marine World and Sea World Aquarium.

The first tourist stop in Durban is the Moses Mabhida Stadium or usually called as Durban Stadium. Located in Masabalala Yengwa Ave, Stamford Hill, Durban the Moses Mabhida Stadium can hold up to 80.000 spectators. Not like any other stadium, this stadium has an arch on top of it that represent the once divided nation coming together, just like the flag of South Africa. From this ark, there are several attractions for tourist to experience such as the Skycar and the Big Swing. The Skycar attraction is to ride a cabin car following the arch line, the cabin is framed by glass windows thus you can have 360o view of Durban city. Jumping from the stadium arch, 106 meters above the world cup stadium is an experience you cannot find anywhere else except from Durban Stadium Big Swing.

After the Durban Stadium, the other great place in Durban is the uShaka Marine World. This place is Africa’s largest Marine Theme Park with numerous attractions for you to enjoy.  One day would not be enough to try everything in this place. You can visit Wet n Wild world for amazing swimming experience, huge pool, river rides and high speed chutes are available for you to enjoy. Another attraction is the Sea World Aqurium, the 5th largest aquarium in the world. With 32 water tanks and hundreds of fish species to see, the aquarium itself is built with shipwrecks theme. Aside from Sea world aquarium and swimming pool you can find beautiful beaches and good restaurant in here. The view from the restaurant itself is like you are inside a tank and surrounded with a lot of giant sharks, something you cannot see in your everyday life.

As part of uShaka Marine World, the Sea World Aquarium is famous for its attractions and do not forget, its dolphins. As a world class aquarium, the Sea World Aquarium provides you with world class attractions also. The attractions are ranging from Dolphin Show, Dolphin Lagoon and Penguin Rockery for penguin lovers. The other attraction is the Pop Up Tank, where you can have fish swimming just a few centimeters around your head. There is also a seal show, a performance by seal that is also interesting to watch. In overall, the Sea World Aquarium is really hard to miss when you visit the uShaka Marine World.

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