Travel to Tasmania

When I was a child there was a famous cartoon character from Looney Tunes cartoons called Taz, the Tasmanian devil. At the beginning I thought it was only an imaginary animal, but I was wrong because the Tasmanian devil is a ferocious marsupial only native to the island state of Tasmania, Australia. It is a carnivorous animal that is about the same size as a pit bull. Let’s us travel [...]


Holiday in New South Wales

New South Wales lies on the east coast of Australia. The regions within three hours’ drive from Sydney offer a world of astonishing natural attractions stunning wine regions in the Hunter Valley and Southern Highlands. The State capital, Sydney, is Australia’s premier gateway and the largest city in Australia. Well serviced by flights from across the world, these regions also have a network of regional airlines, trains, buses and coach [...]


Indonesian Food in Australia

Culinary business might be the most stable business in market. It is obviously seen that most of countries in the world compete each other and promote their food more to other countries. Indonesia is one of the Asian countries that have got bright future for culinary tourism. Its food has been known all over the world for years. Because of Its variety and characteristic, any tourist would always remember the [...]


Travel Destination : Gold Coast

The Gold Coast, located in the southeast Queens land, is Australia’s leading Golf holidays destination. With World Heritage rainforests, international nightlife and casino, 7 miles of golden beaches, shopping and theme parks- it is a stylish and world class holiday destination.The Gold Coast Golf, situated in the sub-tropical area of the southern hemisphere enjoys the sunshine and warmth all year round. Contrary to the Northern hemisphere seasons, Australian seasons have [...]