8 Places to Visit in Semarang

When you mention a holiday in Indonesia, Semarang probably won’t be the first city that crosses your mind. However, Semarang actually offers a lot for tourists that will introduce you to its vast cultural influence. This energetic port city of Central Java has influences from the Dutch colonial era, Arab, and Chinese. Hence, there are churches, mosques, and pagodas with unique architecture in this city. So, here are some places [...]


Holiday in Lombok

What do you want to do during your spare time??? How do you make it as a Happy Time. All you need to do is pack your back and go to a beautiful place. And do you know where is the most beautiful place in the world? There is an Island in Indonesia, the heavenly country….. The Island called Lombok. I’ll show you how amazing if you spend your holiday [...]


What to Do and Where to Go in Yogyakarta

If you’re aiming to learn about history and culture of Indonesia and Java, enjoy mystical scenery of the mountain and the beach, and go on a shopping frenzy for a large variety of art products ranging from silver to batik products, then Yogyakarta is the place for you. This town has been known by domestic and international tourists for its beautiful culture, art, and scenery. So, what to do and [...]


Why New York Is The Hottest Destination Of 2012

New York has always been a hot destination for travelers and tourist. 2012 isn’t just another year though. New York is seeing an influx in travelers and tourist and here’s why. The Statue Of Liberty Believe it or not more people are visiting this iconic statue of freedom. Maybe its because the rest of America is feeling down due to the recession. Whatever the reason more people from around the [...]


Budget Holiday in Bandung, Top tips you need know.

You might already heard about Bandung. The city has already become one of Indonesia top destination for holiday. Located in the west part of Java, it only takes 2 short hours to get to the city from Jakarta. For budget travelers, Bandung offers an affordable holiday. Forget about travel agents offering expensive travel packages to Bandung. Here are some important for you to know for your budget holiday in Bandung. [...]


Attractions in Jakarta

Indonesia is one of the most beautiful countries in South East Asia. You must know that this country has so many islands. The amount is thousands and each island has its own greatness. For addition, the tropical weather that this country has will definitely make it great for you to spend your holiday. There are so many tourism resorts that you can choose to spend your holiday and it is [...]


Holiday in Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia and everyday there are so many people who are visiting this town. This town is the center of the activities from business up to the center of the government. Therefore, it is unbearable that this town is so crowded by so many people and vehicles. Furthermore, even though this is town is so crowded and there will always traffic jam, people love to [...]


Diving in Raja Ampat

Well, there are many kind of thing that we have to do in our daily life. There are many people who have to study at school or college. Moreover, there are also many other people who must work to earn money so that they can accomplish various kinds of need of their family. Furthermore, after having so many kinds of activities in our daily life, there must be a will [...]


The Most Popular Places that You Must Visit in Madura

When you go to Madura, Indonesia, of course you will plan about the places that you will visit here. Here some Places to visit in Madura, Indonesia that offering great experience and vacation when you are here. Bangkalan is small city in Madura. When you arrive at Madura, the first city that you will visit is here. In addition, travelling to Madura by sea is also amazing. You can enjoy [...]


The Best Hotel in Madura

Madura is an island in Indonesia that very nice to be visited. This island offers many of interested places to visit. When you want to have holiday in Madura, of course you also need to plan about the hotel that you need to stay while you in Madura. You can look for Hotels in Madura, Indonesia and choose one of hotels available that you think the best for you. Of [...]